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Disney California Food and Wine Festival 2017

I’ve been wanting to attend this festival since it first started and finally I got a chance to attend. The Food and Wine Festival is so much better than the Festival of the Holidays Disney has during their Holiday celebration. 

If your an Disney Annual Passholder, the Sip & Savor food pass is the best way to go and only available to APs. It’s $35 with your AP discount and comes with 8 tickets that can be used on food items and non alcoholic beverages. My friend and I just bought one and split it which worked out perfectly. 

In addition to the food kiosks, for an additional fee, you can also attend private seminars for different wines, beers, spirits and food demonstrations. We attended a Wine seminar with a tasting from the Edna Valley wineiries in San Luis Obispo. We sampled a Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño from Tangent wines and Chardonnay from True Myth Wines. Albariño has sort of a salty taste to it but it’s not that bad. 

As for the food, everything we had was delicious!! We didn’t sample every kiosk available but stuck to the ones that appealed to us. We started at the Bacon Twist and Seafood…. Sustained Kiosk. From Bacon Twist we got the Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese and from a Seafood Sustained we got the Verlasso Sustsinable Salmon Tataki. 

Next was the Garlic Kissed kiosks where we got the Grilled Beef Tenderloin sliders and next to it was the Uncorked kiosks where I got the super yummy Mimosa  flight which consisted of Apricot, Pear, and Mango flavors. 

In the Hollywood Backlot was the LA Style kiosks where we got the Chicken Teriyaki Slider with spicy DOLE pineapple jam and the Korean Barbecue Beef Short Rib Tacos. 

And we ended our food adventure at the Onion Lair enjoying  Braised Wagyu Beef on Creamy Polenta and the French Onion Mac & Cheese. 

The Disney California Wine and Food Festival runs from March 10- April 16th. For non Annual Passholders, you will need to purchase a regular admission ticket ($124) into the park to attend this event. 

*all opinions are my own*

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Food Porn of the Week 

I’ve been following Oh My Burger (@ohmyburger) for a while on Instagram and finally decided to try this place out. 

They are known for their shakes, burgers and speciality fries. I decided to try out their Shrimp Alfredo Fries. They were so good and filling!!! I couldn’t eat it all and wished I’d invited someone to come help me eat. My food was cooked fresh and it was just everything. 

I will be coming back to try more food from here especially a chocolate shake. 

 Oh My Burger is located at 2142 El Segundo Blvd. Gardena, CA. 90249 and they are closed on Mondays

*all opinions are my own* 

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La Vida Cantina

I caught the tale end of Orange County Restaurant Week 2017 and I’m very pleased with the restaurant I chose. I usually picked a restaurant I’ve never been to during these food weeks because this is the best time to try them out. This year I decided to chose from the $30 pre fixe menu and went wit La Vida Cantina. I’ve driven by this place a lot and never gave it much thought. 

Located on the Triangle Square in Costa Mesa, this Cantina is a must try. It’s located right across from SaddleRanch and there’s also a bowling alley, gym and movie theater in the same complex. The ambience of La Vida Cantina is gorgeous. It gives you a Beach resort that automatically calms you after a long day at work. 

There is also indoor seating with tvs so you can watch a game or two or maybe.

As I mentioned, I came here during Restaurant Week so I ordered from their pre-fixe menu which was full of goodies.

I ordered a house Margarita enjoyed some complimentary chips and salsa while I waited on my order to arrive. My house Margarita was so good that  I had to call the bartender over who made my drink just to give them a compliment. 

For my starter, I went with the Elote. You can never go wrong with Elote and this one was perfect. I personally don’t like my Elote with the traditional Mayonnaise and this version had a type of sauce that I enjoyed immensely. 

For my entree, I ordered the Vegetable Medley Enchiladas. These enchiladas was so good. Maybe you never want to eat an Enchilada filled with meat ever again. This meal also came with rice and delicious black beans. 

And for my dessert I ordered the churros. These churros were real churros!! Like homemade made from scratch churros. They reminded me of the churros I get whenever I’m done in Mexico. And the pairing of the berries and caramel sauce was perfect!! 

This became my new favorite Mexican spot in Costa Mesa after one visit. And it’s also really cute for a date night or a Girls Night Out. At night it’s gorgeous and the scenery makes me feel like I’m in Arizona at a bar.

The service at La Vida Cantina was great. I was impressed with how warm the staff was. I’ve already spread the word about this place to friends and look forward to returning for some churros 😋. 
La Vida Cantina is located on 1870 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA.

*all opinions are my own* 

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Malibu Farms Restaurant and Bar

I love Malibu. I used to drive up there a lot when I was younger just to hang out and go to the beach. Recently, I went on an hiking excursion to Solstice Canyon with some friends and fell in love with Malibu all over again. After exploring the canyon for a few hours, naturally we were starving and in need of some good food. Once of my companions is vegan so we searched for an restaurant that met everyone’s diet restrictions. Luckily, being in Malibu where skinny is life, there were plenty of eating places to chose from. We were in a good mood and decided to have food on the Malibu Pier at the Malibu Farms Restaurant and Bar. 

Malibu Farms has two locations on the Pier. One location is the Restaurant and Bar and at the end of the Pier is the Café. We decided to dine at the Restaurant and maybe if we were still hungry, order from the Café for a dessert.

The Malibu Farms Restaurant and Bar is so cute and quaint. We walked in during the lunch hour and I knew we made the right choice in coming here. The atmosphere was perfect. The seating gave you a chill beach vibe and even though it was crowded, its a wide space so your not on top of each other. I was loving the furry cushions on the bench style tables and I loved how each table had either a different fresh herb or fresh vegetable as table décor.  

FYI, Malibu Farms is a farm to table restaurant and produce their own organic products. You can taste the freshness in the food.

Okay lets get to the food. I ordered the Malibu Blue Nachos ($12) which was the perfect choice for me. This item came with black beans, cheese salsa and sour cream. I was hungry but not in the mood for something large and this small size nachos was very delicious. You can add protein (chicken, steak or avocado) for an additional price of $4. Remember, you are in Malibu so if you plan on dining out in Malibu, expect to pay Malibu prices. But my $4 worth of fresh avocado was delicious.

My friend ordered the Spaghetti Squash Lasagna ($20). This squash was filled with cream spinach, mozzarella and tomato. We saw this being ordered a lot and now we know why. It was so good. Even though it wasn’t my order, of course my friend shared with me.

My other friend who is the main vegan of the group ordered the Cauliflower Crust Pizza ($16) and The Grilled Vegetable Sandwich ($15). That Pizza was delicious. Whatever herbs they used fro the cauliflower crust made it super tasty and the toppings of mozzarella, tomato and pesto tasted so fresh. Remember Malibu Farms do raise their own vegetable and make their sauces from scratch and you can definitely taste the freshness in the flavor.  The Grilled Vegetable Sandwich was delicious. I had a small taste and almost ordered it. It was a simple sandwich with hummus, arugula, avocado and roasted pepper. 

And last my other companion ordered the Chicken Broccoli Quesadillas ($15). I will admit, these were just okay compared to all the other food and my least favorite. It had a little bit of spicy aioli in it but I still felt like it was missing something to make it great. 

But overall I think the Malibu Farms Restaurant is a great place to dine. While, there we saw a cute set up for a Bridal Shower luncheon and this would be a great place to host an small get together brunch. I loved the atmosphere and the views of the ocean while dining. For pet lovers, you can also bring your dog into the restaurant to dine which is honestly my only negative comment about it. I’m not a fan of dining with pets.

So in the West LA area this weekend and looking for a nice place to dine, I would recommend taking a 15 minute drive up PCH from Santa Monica and dine here with friends. If you park in the structure across the street its a $10 flat fee which is your best option in that area.


Malibu Farms Restaurant and Bar- 23000 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu



*all opinions are my own*

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Food Porn of the Week 

Last weekend I got to visit the new SteelCraft food court in Long Beach. It’s a great little place to hang out, enjoy some food, music, drinks and relax. I went to eat at the Pig Pen Delicacy and got their Bacon Mac n Cheese Burger. The buns are fried macaroni and cheese with a beef patty with cheese and bacon in the center. It.. was… delicious!!! And the perfect meal for recovering from your fun filled night out. 

* all opinions are my own* 

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Luna Grill- Huntington Beach

Myself and a guest was invited to a private soft opening of the new Huntington Beach Luna Grill location. I was excited because this place is on my must try list since my co workers rave about it. I love Mediterranean food as much as I love Mexican food and since I am kinda on a health kick right now, this came at the perfect time. The new Huntington Beach location is on Beach and Utica in the Newland Center. There’s also a lot of other goodies in this shopping center that I would like to try.

 So when we arrived, we signed in and was escorted inside. Once inside, we were invited to try out whatever appetizer, entrée, beverage that we liked and the staff was walking around with a platter of desserts to try.

 We ordered the appetizer platter as our starter and decided to try one of the sparking organic sodas available. We decided to try the Mojo Berry by SIPP. 

OMG this organic soda was so so good. We wanted to ask if we could have another bottle of SIPP but decided not to be greedy lol. Our appetizer platter was the first to come out and it was huge. This platter consists of four rounds of falafel, four stuffed grape leaves, hummus with pita bread and couscous medley. I’m happy I had another person with me because this was a lot of food and there was no way I could take this on alone. 

Then for my entrée, I ordered the Norwegian Salmon and my cousin ordered the Lamb Tenderloin Kabobs.

 Everything was so good. We both debated on trying the dessert because we were full but after watching the tray walk by again, we both said YOLO and waved the staff over. On the platter was three dessert samples: Mini Baklava, and Mini Chocolate, Red Velvet and Vanilla Cupcakes. I got the Vanilla and my cousin got the Chocolate. Those mini cupcakes was perfectly sweet and moist.

 At the end of our experience, we filled out a survey and gave the restaurant all high marks. My cousin and I can not wait to go back to the Luna Grill and try more of their food. If you’ve never been and love Mediterranean, I highly recommend this place.





*all opinions are my own*







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Food Porn of the Day

I recently when to Disneyland to visit the Ye Olde Inn in Fantasyland. For s limited time, it is now the Red Rose Tavern and it’s a replica of the inn from Beauty and the Beast. Of course there is s large portrait of Gaston over the mantel along with portraits of Belle and the Beast. Disney switched out the entire original menu and created a new menu that goes with the new theme. One of the new items on the menu is the Enchanted Cauiflower  sandwich. It is a grilled cauliflower steak, with spicy lime aioli, tempura battered green beans, lettuce and tomato on a toasted roll. It is sooo good! If your going Disneyland soon I highly recommend you try it out