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Stomach Woes


When I turned 30 two years ago, my body went thru a very weird stage. My doctor said its normal for women to encounter hormonal imbalances as they age. Well.. all I can say about that is BLAH!!.. I was in and out the hospital for almost 2 months.. After many hospital visits and a bill that ranged up to $2000 for an hour visit in the ER, the doctors think they figured out the cause of my sickness. I was weak, lost 15lbs in 3 weeks, dizzy, stomach cramping just miserable. They diagnosed me with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), so I was put on a strict diet and prescribe some medicine called Bactrim. Bactrim is pretty much Opium and that landed me back in the hospital barely conscious and severely dehydrated. Guess I couldn’t live as Marie Antoinette did and flourish in life with opium in my system. Any who, they took me off the meds but told me to continue on with my diet. My diet consisted of gluten-free, diary free products, water, juice in its natural form, meditation and rest. I also did some research and found an over the counter probiotic called Digestive Advantage and took that twice a day. Eventually my poor irritated intestines recovered. So the fact that I’m once again suffering means I’ve been hardheaded. But as soon as I noticed the symptoms, I headed to Trader Joes and Target to get what I need. So until my intestines once again recover, I’m back on my Gluten free, diary free, water, juice in its natural form, mediation, rest.. diet. I need to recover because Vegas is in October and I don’t want to be ill.

Many people suffer from many different forms of stomach irritations such as IBS, Celiac disease, Colitis, Cohn’s, etc etc etc.. and unfortunately I am now one of them. Being a foodie with stomach issues sounds irritating and it is but now days, you can still enjoy the foods you like with the two M’s: Modification and Moderation. Now days, there are plenty of food brands and restaurants that cater to those who suffer from stomach irritations. We can still enjoy pizza, desserts, breads, diary just like anyone else. We just need to 1) buy the substitutes 2) and eat in moderation. And that’s what I’m bad at.. eating in moderation.

Grocery stores such as Fresh n Easy, Trader Joes and Whole Foods have a huge selection of gluten-free, dairy free, egg based free products. Even stores such as Target, Ralphs and even the 99 cents store have organic sections that specialize to dietary needs.

Just because it says gluten-free, diary free doesn’t mean its tasteless. Just yesterday I had a gluten-free lemon macaron and walnut raisin cookie from Layer Cake Bakery in Irvine that was delicious. Here are a few of my fav products to get from Trader Joes when I’m suffering from my IBS.

Trader Joes Salted Tortilla Chips.. these are gluten-free.. remember any product made with Corn are gluten-free.

photo 1

UDi’s Gluten Free Bread.. This stays refrigerated because there are no preservatives in it and it will mold quickly.

photo 2

Trader Joes Gluten Free, Diary-freePancakes… These are so good.. I always top them with berries or peaches

photo 4

I love cheese and this substitute allows me to still live in a faux cheese paradise.. Trader Joes Sliced Yogurt cheese… Its lactose free and also has the potential to mold quickly.


Trader Joes Soy Creamy Non-Diary Cherry Chocolate Chip..

photo 3

As I mentioned before some Targets have brands that specialize in gluten-free goodies:

I love waffles and these VANS’s gluten-free waffles are tasty

photo 3

Amy’s Mexican Frozen treats are both Gluten and Diary free. She has regular food items also.
With stomach issues, juices with low citrus are needed. Tropicana’s low acid Orange Juice is perfect for me. I can still enjoy a nice iced cup of OJ without suffering from citrus induced stomach pains
photo 2
I love cereal and Chex is the brand I go to when I’m going thru my stomach problems. I just recently discovered this apple cinnamon flavor and I think I’m addicted.
photo 1
You can still dine out and enjoy meals thanks to restaurants now having gluten-free options in their menu’s. BJ’s has gluten-free options but my fave is The Yardhouse. Their vegan, gluten-free menu is perfect.  Your still able to enjoy your favorites but prepared to fit your dietary needs. And more and more places are revising their menu’s to fit those who need or prefer gluten-free meals. I just discovered that there is a bakery in Costa Mesa called Sensitive Sweets. They make vegan treats with no gluten, diary, peanut free, egg free,  and soy free. Pretty much whatever your dietary needs are, they will make the perfect treat for you. I plan to visit them soon.  Do you suffer from stomach problems??

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