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My Confession


I have a confession to make.. I am a foodie who hates to cook!!! Cooking is NOT my speciality. Sorry men out there who feels that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. I’m not that chick.  I know how to cook to survive but I’m not that throw down in the kitchen, put my foot in it woman. Probably the #1 reason why I’m single. Oh. Well. I just like swiping my debit card and voila, Food is at my disposal. I can count on my hands how often I actually cook a meal. Bad habit I know. Especially with having a gluten allergen, it’s best that I cook often.

But since I am blogging about food, I will try to make it a priority to at least cook a decent meal once a week. I will try to have a recipe for a week posted up weekly. We’ll see how committed I stay with that one. My cooking specialization is limited. I make tacos and enchiladas which is something every Southern Californian should specialize in. I mean.. Mexican food is basically our religion out here. I fancy my crock pot and tend to make some decent soups and I make decent baked chicken. My baking skills are better than my stand over the skillet skills. Made some sweet potato cupcakes last Fall.. delish.. Will be doing that again this Fall.  I tried to make stuffed bell peppers recently………. I believe that is why my stomach is currently suffering thru a flare up lol.. Something wasn’t right and I ended up tossing out all my bell peppers. I will try it again but will be preparing them differently.

So today, I’m sticking to what I know.. Baked chicken and I’m going to pair with a side of gluten-free pasta with tomatoes. Me preparing pasta doesn’t normally go well. I’ve prepared pasta correctly once. For some reason, I just can’t seem to season the noodles right. But I’m going to try it again today and see what happens. I found a How to Prepare Pasta for Idiots guide online to help me.

Being that I only cook for one, I don’t buy packaged chicken. I don’t need that much meat so I prefer to just buy all my meat from a deli. All I need is a 1/2 pound meat to have in my fridge. The deli is a single person’s best friend.

I purchased a half of pound of chicken breast and cut it in half. A half of pound of chicken breast is enough to last me for two  days. I seasoned my chicken with the following: garlic powder, basil, rosemary, and chicken seasoning.

photo 1photo 2

Then I poured some Santa Fe Italian dressing & marinade into my baking dish first, then poured some on top of my chicken. With my oven already set at 350, I put my chicken in to bake for 40 minutes.

photo 4

When the chicken is almost done baking, I started working on my pasta. I used Trader Joes Organic Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli which is Gluten free. Now as I said before, I’m still in the process of learning how to make decent pasta. I used the same seasonings that I did with my chicken but I added oregano and black pepper to the mix. Boiled my pasta for 10 minutes as directed on the bag and also sauteed some tomatoes in olive oil to mix. Once the pasta was done boiling, I strained it and added it a bowl that had a small drop of olive oil, basil and Parmesan cheese in it.  After giving it a good toss, I sampled the pasta and it still didn’t have any flavor to it.  I felt a little defeated until an idea popped in my head and I added a little of the Santa Fe Italian dressing and marinade to it and YUM. So tasty. I think I’ve finally figured out how to make pasta to my liking.

photo 1photo 2

Put it all together on a small plate and dinner is served.  The Santa Fe Italian dressing and marinade is what made this meal come out tasty.



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