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Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake!!



Yes, another reference to Marie Antoinette. She’s one of my favorite historical women because she was just a hot ass mess lol. The cake statement was so pompous of her but I’m convinced it was due to the fact that she was high on opium like usual. Any who…

In my previous post, I’ve talked about dealing with a gluten allergy. Its annoying. Everything that I love has gluten in it. Yes I can cheat and eat gluten filled food just not often. Im starting to be being more considerate of my allergen rather than ignoring it and laying in bed in fetal position four hours. So what usually happens when your forced to stay away from certain foods?? Your psyche craves it… bad!!! I love desserts. They make me happy. Now I haven’t been craving a cake in a while but as soon as my stomach pains came back and I got back onto a gluten-free diet, my cravings for dessert was out of control!!. So I took to google to research if their was any gluten-free cake mix or would I just have to figure out how to make a gluten-free cake from scratch. After my research, I found out that Betty Crocker has a Gluten Free Cake Mix line. PERFECT!!.. Saw that Target carried this line and there’s a Target down the street from my house.. PERFECT!! Or so I thought. Went to Target, no gluten-free yellow cake mix, went to another Target, no gluten-free yellow cake mix, went to Ralph’s.. Nope.. Disappointed, I complained to my Mother about my craving and how I can’t find a store in my area that carries gluten-free yellow cake mix. I figured I’ll just wait till I go back to work in Orange County and find some. My Mom happened to be at CVS in Long Beach and guess what she found.. Gluten Free Yellow Cake mix by Betty Crocker. YEAY!! So she brought me the cake mix and excitedly, I started making my cake.


I think I’ve narrowed it down on how to make the perfect cake for a single person. Using a small bread pan gives you a perfect sized cake for a one family household.  You won’t feel forced into eating an entire huge cake solo since the grocery store does not really have a lot of smaller cake options.

photo photo

The grocery store does not cater to the Singles. Its annoying. But I’ll rant.. I mean blog about that another time. Any who… While the cake was in the oven baking a thought hit me; Is icing gluten-free?? Cued up google to do some research and I was relieved to find out that all of Duncan Hines icing are naturally gluten-free and Betty Crocker also has a gluten-free icing line. Went to my fridge to see if the icing I had was gluten-free and yes it was.. However, it was expired!!

I was like what to do. I was too lazy to go to the store just to get a jar of icing and couldn’t use the icing that I had. So reluctantly, I decided to make my own frosting. I wanted lemon frosting on my cake so I added lemon juice to my icing batch and made lemon flavored icing. Not bad for my first time.


photophoto 1

After icing the cake, I thought it was a little too plain so I topped it with strawberries for some extra pizzazz.

photo 1photo 2

Now this was my first time using gluten-free cake mix. I think I left the batter in too long. The cake was good but not moist like I usually make my cakes. Next time I’m gonna use water versus lactose free milk and less baking time.


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