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My Ode to Bacon


I LOVE Bacon..Bacon is everything and more!! If I could, I would eat bacon every day. Doesn’t matter if its turkey bacon.. still good.A lot of people shun turkey bacon like it’s the plague. Even vegan bacon is good. So I guess you can tell what this post is about.. Yep.. Bacon. There are so many ways you can prepare bacon. It just makes any meal better. So what part of the pig is bacon you may be wondering?? American bacon comes from the fatty sides of the pig and Canadian bacon comes from the tenderloin section of the pig. Regardless of where on the pig bacon derives from, its delicious. You can prepare bacon by stove top, oven or microwave. I prefer to microwave my bacon versus the stove top. The results always come out better for me.

This weekend I was craving pancakes so I used some gluten-free pancake/waffle mix by Maple Grove Farms.

.photo 3

While I was preparing the batter a thought popped in my head. I remember seeing something on Pinterest a while back about bacon filled pancakes.. So I microwaved two pieces of bacon for a few minutes, removed the bacon and crumbled it up into pieces in the batter. Mixed the bacon and batter a little more and made.. *drumroll* gluten-free bacon filled pancakes!!! And they were delish. Fresh blueberries on top are always a pancake win.

photo 4

Here are some food dishes I’ve come across that were infused with bacon:

Bacon Macaroni and Cheese from Cafe Entourage in Hollywood. This mac and cheese is apart of a delicious Mac n Cheese trio that is a popular favorite at Cafe Entourage. It’s best to share with at least 4 people. I have some gluten free macaroni noodles… thinking of attempting my own bacon gluten free mac and cheese ( lactose free of course).

photo 1

A Baco Taco. There used to be this Food Truck called Lardon that was centered around bacon. I remember how wide my eyes got when I read about this Baco Taco on their menu. I love tacos and I love bacon so that combination alone excited me. It was very good. But sad to say that the Lardon Truck does not exist anymore *tears*

photo 5

Bacon wrapped asparagus.. I first discovered this tasty treated when I visited Gyu-Kaku in Torrance. I love that restaurant. You get to cook your food at the table and its fun when you go with a group of friends. I saw this on the menu and had to get it.. I’ve tried to duplicate this at home but umm no lol..

photo 4

Bacon wrapped shrimp. This was my New Years 2012/2013 Eve meal.. I cooked the shrimp first for a little bit, then when they were slightly pink, removed them from the flame and wrapped the bacon around them. Then I placed the shrimp/bacon onto the skewers and placed them on my indoor grill. I paired them with a caesar salad and some homemade broccoli and cheese soup. I need to do this meal again.

photo 3

Grilled bacon wrapped pineapple.. This was such a tasty treat. Saw this on Pinterest and had to duplicate it. I grilled the shrimp and pineapple on my indoor grill. This is a great summer treat to have at any outdoor event.

photo 2

Brown Sugar Bacon. I learned about Brown Sugar Bacon from one of my cousins. She cooked the family dinner one day and said we have eggs, biscuits ( that she made from scratch YUM), grits and brown sugar bacon. I said brown sugar bacon?? She said yeah taste one.. I did and went immediately to heaven!! So good. She showed me how to make it and I’ve been doing it ever since. Just cover the bacon in brown sugar, place on cookie sheet, put it in the oven on 300 and let it cook. Be mindful to check on the bacon often because it will burn. Your bacon should look like the batch I made with a soft glaze look to it. I should’ve posted a picture of what the bacon shouldn’t come out looking lol.. I did that to many times.

photo 2

And last but not least: BACON WRAPPED TURKEY LEG AND BACON WRAPPED FRIED PICKLES!! I had the pleasure of attending the L.A. County Fair and everyone knows when you go to the fair, you must eat the strange-sounding food for kicks. So bacon wrapped anything was on my list of must haves. First we tried the bacon wrapped fried pickles. We were both skeptical but when at the Fair….. So we decided to try them and to my surprise they were delicious. They also came with a side of pesto to dip them in.  Next, we had the bacon wrapped turkey leg.. This was SOOOO good. It was so good that me and my friend did not talk to each other the entire time because we were so busy eating. Paired it with the BBQ sauce the vendor provided and that turkey leg did not stand a chance. We scrapped it to the bone.

photo 1

Whats a bacon infused food you’ve tried out??


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