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Roscoes Chicken and Waffles

Fried Chicken and Waffles… Doesn’t sound like a combination most people would find interesting but I love it. One place in Southern California where you can find this delicious combination is at the World Famous Roscoes Chicken and Waffles.


Roscoes was founded 1975 by a Harlem native named Herb Hudson. The original location of Roscoes is on Hollywood and Gower located in Hollywood, CA. Here is where Hudson started to connect with celebrities and soon word start to spread of this new soul food restaurant that specialized in fried chicken and waffles. Since then the Roscoes chain has grown and produced 6 locations throughout Southern California. The locations are:

– Long Beach

-Hollywood ( the original)

-Los Angeles ( Manchester)

– Los Angeles ( Pico)- this is the location President Obama made a visit too

– Inglewood


– Anaheim  (opening soon) * This location will be located in Downtown Disney and supposed to be the largest Roscoes location in So Cal*

I was introduced to Roscoes in my late twenties.. somewhere around 28.  Yes, Im a California native but Roscoes was not someplace I ever thought about eating at. I heard of it but since I didn’t live in L.A. and the one in Long Beach didn’t exist when I was younger, I never went there. The first Roscoes I’ve even been to was the Los Angeles (Pico) location during a group meetup. The only thing on the menu that caught my eye was the  #9. I soon learned that the #9 is the most popular combination on the menu. There is a name for the #9 but its so popular that everyone just calls it the #9.


The #9 is the Country Boy: 3 wings and waffle, potato salad or french fries. Everyone usually goes with the waffle option. But in 2011, President Obama made an unscheduled visit to the Roscoes on Pico and ordered a #9. Since then, this combo has been renamed the Obama Special.

I had a recent visit there and I now realized that I missed the the perfect picture opportunity for my blog but that night I was sooo tired. So I’m basing this post off the little Instagram collage I made. A table full of 12 people always makes for a good picture posting opportunity.

Like I said usually I get a #9 with a waffle but since I’ve been having my gluten issues, that wasn’t going to happen and I was bummed. I love Roscoes waffles. So I was just going to either get a chicken omelette and a side of greens.

While I scanned the menu, my friend who happens to be vegan mentioned that she was getting a #14. #14 was a Buckwheat waffle.. Buckwheat is gluten free. I rejoiced!! lol.. I’ve never noticed this waffle option before but I am so glad that I now know about it. Yeah its $5 for one waffle but just one waffle from Roscoes is more than enough for me. All Roscoes need is a baked chicken option and I could’ve made my own special #9 from a #14. So after narrowing down my food choice, I got the Buckwheat waffle, a side of greens and a Sunrise. Next time no side of greens. They weren’t nasty just to much seasoning was used.


Roscoes has two popular speciality beverage: The Sunrise and Sunset. The Sunrise is Lemonade and Fruit Punch and the Sunset is O.J., Fruit Punch and Lemonade. When you look at the drinks you’ll know why they have their names.


Heres a brief photo of my friends chicken omelette with a biscuit and some yams.


Sorry the picture quality is so weird. I need a new iPhone. Upgrade time!!

Overall Roscoes is a must try if you’ve never been or when your visiting So Cal. I like the Long Beach location but only because I am biased because I dislike Los Angeles. Growing up in L.A. county is one thing but theres no way I could’ve actually grown up in L.A… The South Bay is where I’m from and I love my beach cities.. Okay enough with the snobbery lol..

For more info about Roscoes:

*all opinions are my own*


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