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Food Truckin in the U.S.A.!!


Remember back in the day when folks used to be scared to eat off the “Roach Coach” aka the Food Truck. Well not anymore. In the past three years, Food Trucks have become so popular there was even a reality show based around them. Food Truck meetup are a great place to hang out with the fam, friends, or co-workers after a long day to eat different amazing styles of food. There used to be a Food Truck gathering near by house called SBDINDINAGOGO. The meet up was held in Carson off the 405 in the Kmart shopping center. Every Thursday I used to be there but unfortunately they had to relocate a little further away so I haven’t been. But I love Food Trucks. Sometimes I go solo which limits my food tasting but I prefer to bring some friends with me so we can all get in line for different trucks then come together to sample the food. Here are a few trucks that I’ve had the pleasure of eating off of:

The  Buttermilk Truck: My favorite item are the Red Velvet Pancakes.. 3 or 4 mini pancakes made from red velvet batter topped with buttercream frosting… Check them out at

photo 2

Grill Em All Truck: Love their burgers.. They are known for their Behemoth Burger (pictured below)- 2 grilled cheese sandwiches with a burger patty and bacon in the middle of them. I’ve shared this burger and was stuffed just off my half.

Another burger I like from them is the Samoa Joe. It’s a small burger with a grilled pineapple on it. Delish!! Grill Em also just opened up a restaurant located in Alhambra. Their address is 19 E. Main St, Alhambra, CA. 91801.. Haven’t visited their restaurant yet but if I’m ever in the area, I will stop by. Check out their food truck schedule at

photo 1

The Grilled Cheese Truck: Just know that I’ve busted an illegal U-turn before just to get to this truck lol. Yeah its that’s good. Various types of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches for your pleasure. You can also build your own sandwich. I usually get a Gruyère on wheat bread with applewood bacon, caramelized onions and tomato. I would like to try their Cheesy Mac n Rib  sandwich that their known for one day.  Check them out at

photo 2

Kogi BBQ Truck: One of THEE most popular food trucks and for good reason too. The Kogi Food truck is a blend of Korean and Latino flavor. Their Short Rib Tacos are to DIE for. Seriously, they are that good. One taste makes you melt. Their short rib burrito is also delish. Don’t eat beef? Thats perfectly fine. There is also Pork, Chicken and Tofu that you can choose from. Check them out at

photo 1

Sweet Lou’s Rollin BBQ: Who doesn’t like good BBQ. Attended a Food Fest at Narbonne High School and decided to try out this Tri-Tip sandwich. The meat was perfectly tender and juicy and the sauce soaked up the break perfectly. Check them out at

photo 1

Waffles de Liege: This truck is just Gods gift. Delicious gourmet waffles topped with ice cream and whatever other toppings you desire. Sign me up now!! I happen to stop by a Food Truck Meet Up after work and saw this truck. Me and my cousin took one look at the menu and we were sold. We ordered an Original Liege Waffle and topped it with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, pecans, and strawberries. I want to try more variations and hope their in my area again soon. Check them out at

photo 1

There are many more Food Trucks out there for designed for your desired taste. If you have Twitter, that is the best way to learn about new Food Trucks and find out where they will be. Or you can go to these websites and see when and where a truck will be out your way:

Los Angeles Area-

Orange County-

San Diego-

Inland Empire-

Bay Area-

The Valley-


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