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A Nice Fluffy Treat

I know I haven’t been active lately. Going thru a IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) flare up and for those who are familiar.. the last thing you want to do is.. Anything!!! But today isn’t that bad so I decided to do a post.  And here is goes……

Biscuits!!! Who doesn’t love them.. so fluffy, so buttery.. Many different ways to prepare them and it doesn’t matter because they’re just good. A few weeks ago my Mom decided to involve me on a mission for biscuits. I have a Costco card and she doesn’t, so she drug me to three different Costcos looking for some biscuits she’d had a friends house. I was thinking to myself these biscuits better be worth all this driving. On our third Costcos, we found them but by that time I was to annoyed to care. One morning, I decided to try out these biscuits to see what was the big deal.. LOVE THEM!! My new fave. Sorry Grands.. your no longer on my radar.

photo 1

These are the only biscuits that will be in my house from now on. Krusteaz Toaster Biscuits are prefect. Just enough fluff and just enough buttery goodness.

photo 2

You can bake these in a regular toaster or just throw them in the oven for 2-3 minutes. I had a homemade Sausage Egg White McMuffin the other morning with these and I plan to do this again. Biscuits are great for all meals not just breakfast. These would even be better if they made a gluten-free version *hint hint*.  I’m not sure where else you can purchase these biscuits but definitely check and see if your local Costco’s have them. We finally found these at the Lakewood Mall location and I hear they’re at the Manhattan Beach one as well.

What is your favorite way to eat biscuits?


2 thoughts on “A Nice Fluffy Treat

  1. Just discovered 2 weeks ago that Costco no longer sells this delicious biscuit in the Chicagoland area. I called 5 different Costco stores. I am heartbroken!!!!!!

    1. Sorry I am just now responding to this so late. I just did a search for them myself in your area and Food For Less popped up. If you have Food For Less in Chicago, call them and see if they have Krusteaz biscuits.

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