The Heart of Cognac Experience: Rémy Martin

I know this is a food blog but having a cocktail with a meal is always a win. So lets chat about Libations. I’m a dark drinker. Can’t really do any lights anymore. Every year, there is a Cognac tasting held throughout the country. Last year was House of Walker: The Johnny Walker Experience and this year was The Heart of Cognac Experience: Rémy Martin.

photo 2

I attended this tasting with a group of friends Friday night and we had a nice evening. When you entered the venue, you receive a coin for a complimentary cocktail of your choice before the actual tasting began.


I decided to try out the Sidecar and it was delicious and strong. I have a low tolerance these days so this one crept up on me quickly.

photo 3

So after a while, our group was called to begin our private tasting. We were escorted to the back where we were greeted with Rémy V.S.O.P. shots. Then there was a presentation where we learned about the history of Rémy Martin. Even though the entire name is Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac, this brand is NOT a champagne. The only reason why the word champagne is used is because a dark berry is used to make this brand. During this presentation, we were challenged to make a V.S.O.P but you had to use the correct amount of each dosage of Remy. We were given a 4 year old, 8 year old, and 14 year old vial of Rémy to make our cognac. Unfortunately, our group was off but it was interesting seeing how much science is used into making the V.S.O.P.

photo 4

If theres ever a Cognac tasting in your area, you should R.S.V.P. and attend. Its a great evening to hang out with friends and it can also makes a great no cost date.


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