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Festival Season is almost here!!

I swear… I can’t believe we’re almost in the middle of February already. So you know what that means??? Spring will be here before you know it and soon it will be *drumrolls*…..FESTIVAL SEASON!!


Me and my friends love festivals.. They’re so much fun. A few years ago a friend and I even bungee jumped at a festival we attended. Some festivals are food based only, alcohol based only (hello Wine and Beer Fest) and some are your traditional types of festivals. Regardless of the theme, I love them. For Southern California, three of the biggest festivals for us is the L.A. County Fair, Orange County Fair and Strawberry Festival in Oxnard or Garden Grove. And if your knowledgeable about it, The Del Mar County Fair down in San Diego on the 4th of July is a great experience. I’ve attended the traditional County Fairs, Strawberry Fest, Watermelon Fest, Cajun Fest, etc etc.. If it has fest after it, Im there. But what is the one main reason people love these festivals?? All the fried weird food!! Attending a festival is when you let your guard down, pop an antacid, say screw my health and go all out. Diet what? Diet who? From Fried Pickles, Fried Pineapples, to Bacon Wrapped Turkey legs, Brisket and all the Fried Ice Cream you can eat. Clogging arteries is what goes down at festivals!! Besides, you can detox and exercise the next few days and it will be worth it. Overall, festivals are pretty much Foodie Heaven.

Last year, we encountered this beauty and loved every minute of it. A Red Velvet Funnel Cake at the L.A County Fair. It was so good we sat and ate in silence lol. Isn’t it just lovely.


And of course there is more than just food exhibits are interesting as well. Last years exhibit at the L.A. County Fair was about Brasil. We got to see so many beautiful native plants from Brasil and meet some animals that are local in that region. My favorite animal was the sloth.

This year I promised myself that I would attend the Orange County Fair. Its only 10 minutes from my job so no excuse to miss it this year like I did last year. For the complete list of all California fairs coming to your area, you can visit http://californiafairsandfestivals.com. See you there!!

*all opinions are my own*


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