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Paleo Frustration

I need to vent. I’ve talked about how Im doing the Paleo Diet for 30 days. Today is day 8 and I am sick of eating eggs for breakfast. I was in the mood to change it up so I checked my Paleo breakfast recipe list and decided to make some Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes. Lets talk about my morning. I went to Trader Joes to return some Coconut Sugar that I mistaken for Coconut Flour. Come to find out, Trader Joes does not sell Coconut Flour. Good to know for future reference. I asked the cashier where in the area could I find some coconut flour. He recommended Sprouts and unfortunately Sprouts was another 15 minutes from where I was at. I sighed and said to myself  hey your already out, might as well just go. As Im driving to Sprouts, I pass a couple of grocery stores and I think to myself “maybe I should stop there”. Then I think “what if they don’t have what I need”. That means Ive made unnecessary stops and that will only annoy me so I kept on straight to Sprouts. Finally, I get there and guess what??? THEY WERE OUT OF COCONUT FLOUR!!!


I was like WTF!! UGH.. To not feel like I wasted my time, I grabbed some pumpkin puree and a sweet potato. As I was walking towards the cash register, I stumbled upon a stand full of different Sprout brand flours and guess what was there… Yeap.. Coconut Flour. Sprouts was out of Bobs Red Mill coconut flour but their store brand was available and it was waaaayy cheaper than Bobs (side eye at Bob for charging $7 for some flour). So I headed home to fulfill my craving for pumpkin pancakes.


I get home, put out all the ingredients I need and start to prepare. They’re just pancakes right? Yeah not traditional pancakes but making Paleo pancakes should be easy right? WRONG!!! It took me over an HOUR to make a successful batch of Paleo pumpkin pancakes and those weren’t even that successful. A friend of mine who has been doing Paleo for a while warned me that at the beginning of my journey, I will be going thru groceries until I perfect Paleo style cooking. He was so right. I pretty much went thru the groceries I bought today over some dang ole pancakes. I felt so defeated. 😦

Now I know how goldilocks felt. My first batch of pancake batter was to salty. My second batch was too lumpy. And the third batch was alright.. so I thought until I had a taste and gagged lol. It was just frustrating. All I wanted was some pancakes!!!!! But Im not going to give up. I will attempt to make them again. I am determined to create a great tasting Paleo Pumpkin Pancake… by any means necessary!!! *end of rant*




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