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Paleo + Commuting = THE STRUGGLE

photo (8)Best Saved By the Bell episode right?? Oh Jesse Spano I feel your pain right now…….

Okay.. I know I’ve been complaining about Paleo a lot lately. I don’t dislike it. I love the way it makes my body feel. BUT with my schedule, its hard for me to stay on track. I don’t have kids, I’m single so why am I having such a hard time coming home and preparing my meals. Well its simple.. IM A COMMUTER!!! I commute 67 miles a day roundtrip to and from work. I get off at 5pm but stay out in the area I work in until after 7 pm so I won’t have to sit in traffic (the 405 is evil). So by the time I walk into the house its pretty much after 7:30, then next thing I know its 8pm and my shows are starting and then next thing I know its 9:30 and I’m in bed sleep. This is my life Monday-Friday. On the weekends, the last thing I want to do is prepare meals. All I want to do is rest from my weekly commute. Paleo requires a lot of meal preparation that I just don’t really have time for but somehow I’ve managed a little bit. I’ve been eating egg muffins for an entire week because they’re so easy to do. Just spray the pan, line the muffin spaces with bacon, throw in your egg mixture, let it bake, while its baking I lay down, take it out the oven and put it into some Tupperware for work in the morning. I’m so sick of egg muffins but they are the only easy Paleo food item I have time for. There are so many different Paleo meals that I want to try but just don’t have the energy nor the time to try them out. Its frustrating. I went grocery shopping at Sprouts yesterday and purposely picked out easy to make Paleo items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe on Sunday, I’ll prepare more  Paleo meals since I had all Saturday to rest. On Sunday, I can block off some time for meal preparation to help prepare for my upcoming week.

Now, I have figured out how to do Paleo at some restaurants which is helpful for me. I hate to say it, but with my schedule it is so easy for me to just grab and go. Luckily, the area I work in has a large amount of organic eateries, so that has been very helpful for me to stay on track with Paleo. BUT, eating organic is not cheap. $11 here, $15 there.. So I can’t depend on eating out organic every day. SIGH!!!! I had to vent. I really want to get more serious about Paleo but I just haven’t figured out how I’m going to successfully do this. Hiring a personal chef would be GREAT right about now!!!! And trust me, if I could afford to hire a chef I would. Fin.


One thought on “Paleo + Commuting = THE STRUGGLE

  1. I commute between countries and i am Wheat allergic aswell as Nightshade intolerant so it can be done. Its a choice and also a guide, not a religion. Do the best you can and keep at it even if its not completely on the money. There is no cheating with this, its your life. You don’t have to be grass fed and organic to see benefits with this or to call yourself Paleo.. just stay with meat, veg, fruit and nuts where you can.

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