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If at first you don’t succeed, try again. And if that that doesn’t work.. MOVE ON!!

I know my title is lengthy lol but it speaks the point behind this post. I recently tried to make Paleo pancakes and it was a disaster!!!.. I’ve tried many recipes and still. I thought I found a recipe that sounded so simple. When I poured the batter onto the skillet, I thought to myself finally.. I’ve figured out how to make these pancakes……

photo 1

but here were the results…………………………..

photo 2

Fed up, I expressed my frustration to a friend and he said try this recipe instead. He also had some issues making Paleo pancakes so then he just decided on waffles. He convinced me to try the waffle recipe and I did. I pulled out my handy dandy Kitchen Collective waffle maker that I picked up for $5 at Target in 2013 for Black Friday.Yes, I woke up at 4am for a $5 waffle maker.. Judge me!! I also picked up a Ninja blender for $50 but thats another story..

photo 3


Anywho.. So for my Paleo waffles I used Coconut Flour, Egg Whites, Baking Soda, Almond Milk, and organic medium Eggs all from Sprouts. Combined my ingredients, poured them into my waffle maker, crossed my fingers, and said a prayer.

photo 3

Trust me I was gonna blow a serious gasket if these waffles didn’t come out right. When I saw the red button on my waffle maker flash, I lifted up the top and….my Paleo waffles were a success!!!

photo 4

photo 4

Sort of. Yes, they came out looking perfect, but the taste was very very grainy. I topped them with some peaches and that helped a little. I’m going to stick with the Paleo waffles but I need to improve the taste.  I’ll stick with my gluten free pancake/waffle mix by Maple Grove Farms for pancakes. Just can’t seem to make Paleo pancakes from scratch.


So yes, I didn’t succeed with making Paleo pancakes BUT at least I made more than one attempt to make them. Even though I failed at making the pancakes, I finally found something else for breakfast to make that won’t give me a headache. When all pancakes fail, at least you have waffles!! *corny I know* donkey_shrek-1-2


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