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An ode to Hennessy

My love for  Henny started in either 07 or 08.. I was in Del Mar visiting my family and my cousin pulls out bottles of Hennessy. I didn’t drink dark at the time. I was still drinking Belvedere and Patron like water. My cousin was like do you drink Hennessy. I told no and she whipped out a Diet Coke and mixed it with Hennessy. I’ve been a fan ever since. Everytime I go down to Del Mar and walk into my cousins house and see this.. 

I smile… 

Hennessy isn’t for everyone. A lot of people I know can’t handle it. I’ve never had an issue with it. Yes its not the top of the line cognac out there but it’s so enjoyable for me. Nothing like kicking back on the couch in sweats while sipping on a nice chill glass of Hennessy. 

Fast forward a few years… One day one of my friends  traveled to Turks and Caicos and brought me back a surprise… White Hennessy!!

I was like!!! One taste and I was in love. I prefer White Hennessy over any of the dark versions. It’s more smooth and sweeter. Unfortunately, you can not buy it in the United States, so whenever someone I know it going out the US, I request a bottle of White Hennessy. I have a few bottles at the house and I’m very stingy with them lol. They are my “precious”. I heard there’s a Hennessy Champagne you can only get in France but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. If it is, I would love to try it. I’ve mixed Hennessy with Champagne before and it’s actually delicious. If you try this champagne mixture, I recommend using  Domaine Chandon or Veuve Clicquot. My goal is to one day visit Cognac, France and take a tour of the Hennessy distillery along with other Cognac distilleries in the area. 

In New York there’s this event called Hennypalooza that started off as a house party and grew into an actual social event. When I found out about it I was a little jealous that we didn’t have something like this in Southern California. Well.. HennyPalooza became such a popular success that they eventually began to tour to different states. As of now, they are not sponsored by the actual Hennessy company, YET, but they do provide unlimited Hennessy beverages until they run out as apart of your entrance fee ($65).

Eventually they came to Los Angeles and I was so excited. I attended the event with a few friends and had a great time.

At this event, I discovered Hennessy and Ginger Beer. I wasn’t sure about it at first because just the sound of mixing the two doesn’t sound pleasing but it’s very good. 

Me and my friends had a great time this night. Good unlimited Hennessy drinks and great music.

So when I found out Hennypalooza was coming back to LA, I was excited. But unfortunately, I did not enjoy myself the second time around.

 The first LA HennyPalooza had a certain type of crowd.. More of a hipster, laid back crowd late 20s-mid 30s crowd and the venue was better and bigger. The second HennyPalooza had more early 20s crowd and the venue was smaller producing an over crowded experience. I believe this is because of the location. The first HennyPalooza was in Hollywood. Not just anyone is going to journey all the way to Hollywood mid day for an event. The second one was closer to the main La area in Downtown LA at a smaller venue.  Me and my friends was so annoyed that we left. No one really enjoys drinking in an over crowded environment. You couldn’t even dance or enjoy yourself without someone bumping into you. I’m happy I got to experience it the first time but sad that because of the crowd it now caters to, I can no longer go and enjoy it.

 Hennessy has never done me wrong (side eyes Ciroc) or hurt me the next day (side eyes Jose).  Some of you reading this are probably saying YUCK! How can she drink this lol. That’s okay. More Hennessy for me.. 


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