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The Attic

img_8722-1So I’m in my mid 30s day so naturally I’ve become a day drinker. Day drinking is so much better than night drinking and that’s why Brunch is life to the mid-30s crowd. By 6pm we’re done for the day and in bed by 9. Excellent!

Recently I caught up with a friend to celebrate my birthday and I chose to brunch at The Attic in downtown Long Beach. This is my favorite place to brunch at in the area. It’s cute and quaint.

Now the main reason I come here isn’t for the food which is good but it’s not my main purpose. I come for this.. Their Caiprihina!!!

What is a Caiprihina? Well it is a delicious Brazillian cocktail that will have you on your ass if your not careful. I am a weak link these days and two of these will have me not driving anywhere. A true Caiprihina is made with Cachaca rum which they have available here.

Ive also had this cocktail which was tasty but I’ll still chose the Caiprihina over any other drink.

Now on to the food..

The Southern Scramble

It’s good. Not extraordinary but it’s the perfect brunch item to help fill up the tummy and soak up the alcohol.

The Vegetarian Frittata

So when your out to brunch but want to stay committed, the Vegetatian Frittata is a good choice. Yes it depends on what type of vegan you are because of course a frittata is made with eggs. If your vegan and anti eggs, this isn’t for you but for the vegetarians who don’t mind them every now and then.. Go with this.

So as I was saying The Attic is a local eatery in Long Beach but there is an item on the menu that has made them a must try in the foodie world. They combined two food items that I don’t think anyone who doesn’t smoke weed would ever consider putting together. I was dead set against it but my friend I was with insist we get it. To my surprise.. it was delicious. It is their World Famous Mac n Cheetos. It’s  Mac and Cheese topped with Hot Cheetos!!

I can’t stand Cheetos.. I especially can’t stand Flaming Hot Cheetos.. But something about this mixture does it for me. We ordered the Mac n Cheetos and went with the OG Mac version that comes with bacon, chopped pecan wood and added some mushrooms. You can also get different variations or create it to your liking.

The Attic does get crowded if you don’t get there early enough and your wait can be up to 2 hours. But overall, I love the place. It’s a hipster dive tucked into the corner of Long Beach that provides great drinks and food.

And after plenty of good food and drinks, you and your friends might end up doing something random like getting henna on the beach afterwards.

The Attic is located at 3441 East Broadway Long Beach 90803


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