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The Loop

Like any normal woman, I obsessively live on Pinterest and always come across some delicious sights. And the new purchase now button doesn’t help, but I’m going off topic. Anywho, I came across The Loop in Westminister, CA. which specializes in one of my favorite desserts….Churros. Now are churros really a dessert? Historically they were breakfast items but who’s complaining. Overall, Churros are bae. So since I worked a half day today, I decided to stop by on my way home. I’ve heard the line can stretch far out onto the sidewalk and the wait can be up to an hour or longer but I got there around 2:30pm and waited only 5 minutes. I went with the Cookies and Cream Chill Loop which was only $5.50 and I added cheesecake pieces for an extra .50. It was everything!!!

They also have a few other flavors and for an extra fee you can also get the churro dipped. This baby made my day after bombing a job interview. It was the perfect pick me up. And the inspirational message inside this shop added the little extra bit of motivation that was needed. 

Yes.. Life is sweet when you have a looped churro dipped in soft serve with toppings of your choice after having a bad day. 

For the folks with the sweet tooth, the Chill Loop is perfect. For the folks not really into sweets, you can get the churro without the soft serve so you won’t have a sweet overdose. 

  • The Loop is located in Westminster in the Pagoda Plaza located on Brookhurst and Bolsa. Follow them on Instagram @theloopchurros

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