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Venice, CA

Nestled in the depths of L.A. right near the Pacific, is a beach community called Venice. It’s a very laid back area that’s known world wide for its beach, Venice Beach. You’ll see a little of everything at the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Back in my college days, Sunday’s was the day to go up there and watch the basketball games. Yes it was kinda like watching White Men Don’t Jump live (which was filmed there). 

Venice is also known for its famous canals which is a replica of the actual canals in Venice, Italy. It’s also a perfect date spot to take that special someone and enjoy a nice walk along the canals. I recommend going around sunset on a nice warm day. 

And since it’s a beach town of course there’s lots of different food for everyone’s enjoyment in the area. I decided to meet up with some college friends to catch up. We usually meet in downtown la but it was a beautiful day and we wanted to be near the water. So we decided to have lunch at Gjelina

Gjelina is a small eatry located on Abbot Kinney that doesn’t look like much on the outside but very cute on the inside. In the front there’s communal style dining aera and in the back there’s a nice little lounge with regular seating. We each ordered an item and shared with each other. I ordered the Blanco pizza which consists of mozzarella, Parmesan, fromage blanc, green olives and garlic. It was delicious!! 

My friend ordered the Lamb pizza which was good. I’m slowly starting to enjoy lamb. 

My other friend ordered the Kale salad with a side of garlic fries.
Afterwards we decided to take a walk through town and stumbled upon a little coffee shop called Intelligentsia. Actually calling it a little coffee shop is kinda of an insult. It’s a posh coffee bar that’s clearly the cool place to be in Venice. Future writers grab your MacBooks, come here and write your future New York Times Novel or Oscar winning screenplay while enjoying a nice size cup of Joe or espresso that includes a special design. There is special seating inside for the MacBook folks or you can sit outside in front and have coffee with friends.
Me and my group of friends ended up staying here for hours just catching up and buying rounds of cappuccinos. Outside in the sitting area they played some nice hip hop and it was overall a good time. 

Intelligentsia has other locations in the So Cal area. There’s one inSilverlake  and another in Pasadena. There’s also locations in Chicago and New York. 

I enjoyed catching up with my friends. Life gets hectic so it’s always good to make time to just get together and enjoy good food. The best dining experience always includes good friends. 

I will be coming back to the Venice area to try out more restaurants. We lucked out and found parking in the neighborhood but bring money to park in a lot. It will save time and a headache from circling around and around for a park. 

Gjelina 1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA. 90292

Intelligentsia 1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA. 90292

*all opinions are my own*


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