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Panama Joes

So the weekend is here!! I decided to dedicate my Fridays to weekend brunch posts. I made a self rule of no blogging on the weekend so I don’t burn myself out to quick. The first brunch suggestion I’m going to blog about is Panama Joes in Long Beach. Panama Joes is actually Sharkeez but with a different name and it’s the same menu, same atmosphere. Their Sunday brunch is great, cheap and includes one hour of unlimited mimosas.

I ordered the  pancakes which were delicious. 

But after your hour is done you don’t have to stop. Me and my friend walked over to the bar area and kept the party going. 

We continued our Funday with Bacardi White Sangrias that were everything and more. 

After two rounds of the Sangrias, we had the bartender make us a drink. He wouldn’t tell us exactly what was in it so we just named it Water. This was some strong but tasty water.

So you would think after 3 rounds of mimosas, 2 rounds of Sangrias and a round of “Water”, we would be done right?  No!! 

She looked at me and said “Do you have any plans today other than this”. I replied “No” so she told the bartender let’s keep going! Lol. Our next drinks was the ever so popular Coronarita. I usually only get these for Cinco de Mayo but I was having a good time so why not? 

Time flies when your having drunken fun so next thing we realize, a couple of hours has passed by and it’s time to eat again. So we raided the complimentary chips and salsa bar and I ordered some shrimp tacos for dinner. 

So after all that you’d think we was done right? NO!! 

We snuck a Jell-O shot in with a margarita to end our day. 

Needless to say, we had a blast for our Sunday Funday all thanks to Panama Joes and their wonderful drinks. 
Panama Joes 5100 E. 2nd St. Long Beach,CA. 90803


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