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Alcoholic Popsciles 

I know in some parts of the country, the weather is starting to cool down but summer is still raging out here in Southern California. We are having perfect weather for some ice cream or maybe some gelato or maybe an alcoholic Popscile. Wait did she just say alcoholic Popsciles? Yes I did. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this delicious cold treat twice. 

A while ago, I attended an ice cream social for a Sunday Funday at Lock and Key in Koreatown and they were giving away Patron Popsciles. Yes this is a real thing, yes it’s good and yes you might get a little tipsy if you have a few of them. But no I don’t know where these can be purchased. These were being given out at a special promotion event.

This past weekend at the beach, I met a young lady who has started her own line of alcoholic infused Popsciles. Her company is called Beach Town Pops and her name is Ashley. Ashley had two flavors that she was selling when we met: Barcardi Mango and Mojito. I got the Mojito and my friend got the mango. The mango is good but the Mojito is nice and strong. 

I checked out Ashley’s company page on Instagram and she also caters special events with her Popsciles. And for you out there that are non drinkers or on special diets, she also makes non alcoholic Popsicle and popsciles with agave. 

For more information visit 

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