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Taco Tuesday

It’s Tuesday so you know what that means… Tacos!!! I always say that tacos isn’t just something we Californians enjoy just cause.. It’s basically our religion in its own way. We take it seriously and we shun those who dislike tacos. I mean seriously.. How can you dislike tacos? 

So today I’m going to highlight three of my favorite Taco Shops… 

If your ever in Orange County, you must visit Alberto’s. Alberto’s is the closest (my opinion) your going to get to a San Diego style taco shop up this way. 

There is nothing fancy about Alberto’s. Your going to get real deal, delicious kinda whole in the wall location that just might have a B rating lol. Regardless I’ll eat at Alberto’s before any fancy taco place in a heartbeat. 

Carne Asada tacos 

Chicken nachos, rolled tacos (taquitos) and carne Asada plate 

If your ever in the Culver City area you must go to Tito Tacos. Hands down my favorite spot in the Los Angeles area. Titos is simple. All tacos are beef, tamales are chicken and burritos are all beef or been and cheese. That’s it. And their chips and salsa are the best. I always get a medium sized chips and salsa with my order so I can have some for later. It’s not a chain restaurant and is very popular. Don’t let the long lines outside change your mind about visiting. The wait is never super long. Oh and cheese is extra but worth it. 

Titos Taco is located at: 11222 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA. 90230
If your ever in the San Diego area and looking for a good place to enjoy a nice lunch, I recommend The Alamo in Old Town San Diego

And if your a history buff like me, you’ll also appreciate that The Alamo is located in what is in the first settlement of California. You can enjoy some good food and learn about California history all at the same time. 

Carne Asada Nachos 

Rolled tacos 

Carne Asada fries 

And of course having a margarita to wash your tasty food down always makes a meal more enjoyable 

The Alamo Mexican Cafe- 2543 Congress St San Diego, CA. 92110

*all opinions are my own* 


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