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Breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.  I have to start my day with some good breakfast in order to function normally. Most people need a cup of coffee to get them going.. I need food. I can honestly eat breakfast food for lunch (hello brunch) and dinner. Trust me if you’ve never had breakfast for dinner, you haven’t begun to live. 

One of my favorite breakfast food items is a waffle. I don’t care how it’s prepared, you can never go wrong with a waffle. Here’s a few of the waffles specialities that I’ve come across. 

Waffles de liege is a food truck that takes waffles to a gourmet level. I used to stalk this truck religiously. Below is a Ice Crean Waffle special and I added pecans and strawberries. 

Check their storefront location at: Waffle de Liege 21 E. Holly St. Pasadena, CA. 91103 or follow them on Twitter @waffledeliege to see when a truck will be in your area 

Another food truck turned restaurant is Grill Em All. Grill Em All is known for their burgers such as the Behemoth, which is good but my favorite burger is the Samoa Joe. Recently, I was near Alhambra and decided to visit their storefront for lunch. Instead of ordering the same thing I always get, I decided to try something new and ordered the Jump in the Fryer Burger which uses waffles as a bun. 

Jump in the Fryer Burger- cheddar cheese, fried chicken, bacon, maple, and hot sauce drizzled on a waffle bun. Very filling but very good. 

They no longer have their food truck so check them out if your ever in Alhambra at 19 E. Main Street 

This is an caramel apple stuffed waffle and I can not remember where I got this however  I do remember dying of lust over it. 

If your ever near Hollywood and Vine stop over at Wood and Vine and treat yourself to this delicious sage, butternut squash chicken and waffle entree. Wood and Vine takes pride in taking comfort food up a notch and they do not fail. 

Wood and Vine- 6280 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA. 90023

Going over to Catalina Island soon?  Then stop by the Pancake Cottage and enjoy this nice waffle breakfast.

                   The Combo (yes this is the name of this platter) 

Pancake Cottage- 615 Cresent Ave Avalon, CA. 90704

Another restaurant that specializes in waffles that I’ve come to love is Bruxies. I have the pleasure of working near two locations and having the willpower to avoid them  is always a struggle.

Roasted Turkey Club at the Irvine location.

Country Sausage, Egg and Cheddar from the Irvine location. Slather this in syrup and it’s heaven. (not pictured. I also had the Cheesy Bruxie at this location and it was delicious)

Roasted Mushroom with Goat Cheese at the Huntington Beach location 

Am I making you hungry for waffles yet? Okay I’ll stop….. After this last post :-). So all these special waffles but sometimes you just want the basic. 

Roscoes Chicken and Waffles is known for its.. Well chicken and waffles. I’ve also had other items there which are also good but I never stray to far from my usual. I don’t even have to look at the menu when I make a visit there. May I please order a #9 formerly known as the Country Boy special and renamed the Obama special. The Obama Special is 3 fried wings and a waffle. 

It was renamed after President Obama made a stop at one of the Roscoes locations in LA and ordered the #9 stating that was his favorite combo to get when he’s there. This combo is just good. Simple, nothing fancy and gets the job done. 

For those watching their weight or calorie intake, Roscoes have a Buckwheat waffle which is gluten free and you can get it a la carte.

So this is my ode to Waffles. They bring me so much joy. Luckily I’m broke or I would definitely head to the Roscoes in Anahim for a #9 or around the corner to the Irvine Bruxie right now. 


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