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Despite what our snapchat filters may say, technically it’s still Summer until September 22 and besides we live in Southern California. It’s gonna be warm and hot until November. Therefore we still have time to enjoy a nice frosty treat so if your ever in Irvine, stop by Mochilato to enjoy some delicious Mochi balls.

What is Mochi your asking? Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short grain japonica, glutinous rice. It’s also the main ingredient that coats gelato.. Combine the two and Ta da!! Mochilato!! 

You can get them in various flavors. Some people don’t enjoy them because of how gooey the outside can be but I love them.

Mochilato also sells other tasty treats such as:



Chocolate Cream Eclairs 

And my second favorite treat to purchase other than the Mochi Balls are the Banana Cream Puffs. They are so so good!

These are just a few of the delicious treats Mochilato has to offer such as this tasty cake

Go check them out. They also have a location in Fullerton if you live near that area.

*all opinions are my own*


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