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Lawry’s Carvery

When you hear the word Lawry you first think of seasoning salt. Well Lawrys has much more going on than turn bland food into something special. Lawrys also has a steakhouse (which is delicious) and a Carvery. The Carvery is more of a quick stop shop.. Upscale fast food.

 I discovered Lawrys Carvery while roaming thru the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa. I was starving and walked in to browse the menu. Everything looked good so I decided to try it out. I ordered the Roasted Chicken and Kale salad. 

To say it’s just good is an understatement. I’ve been back three times and ordered the same thing. I did order some butternut squash with it one day and that too was delicious. 

I’m sure the rest of the food here is good. I keep telling myself to try other meals but you know once you find that one plate you love, it’s hard to stray from. I’m going to make it a goal to order something different so I can get a tast of the variety Lawrys Carvery has to offer. But until then, the roasted kale salad is my main go to.

Lawrys Carvery also has a location at L.A. Live in Downtown L.A.

*All opinions are my own* 


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