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New blog name.. Who dis? 

I finally figured out a blog name that fits me. California Grubbin was never a blog name I liked but the only thing I could think of. Last time I spent most of the night trying to think of a new blog name that fit me.

 At first I tried regulars like and of course those were taken.. Then other ideas like food lust, food addict, foodology.. Of course those already exist. I had to get creative. I needed to make my title more personal. A blog title that fit me.

So who am I? I’m a woman from Southern California that loves food. Okay so let’s start there. Now what else about me? I love books, music, travel, sleep, swimming, Mac products  and love Disney. Okay now I had a framework of ideas to work with. So I started thinking of song quotes or book quotes to create a quirky blog title. A lot of those exist in the blogosphere as well. 

Okay back to the drawing board. Who am I? Southern California woman who loves food. Okay so I’m a Foodie. Let’s try that. SoCal foodie.. Taken.. California food gal.. Taken.. It was getting frustrating so I’m like okay I want a blog name that simple yet quirky and will get attention. Something that’s about me and my love for food. I decide to keep playing with the word Foodie and came across Disney on Pinterest and got an idea! Combine foodie with something Disney. 

The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie so I tried to fit foodie in with either song lyrics or movie quotes but fell flat.. Then it hit me!! Right when I was going to give up and just fall asleep, Mary Poppins popped on my head.

I love Mary Poppins. One of my favorite Disney classics. I love Julie Andrews. Anyone who is a true Disney fan adores her. Everyone.. Okay I wanted a Mary Poppins nanny when I was a kid. And the songs on that movie was great (Let’s go fly a kite) but the one song that everyone knows from the movie is, Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious..even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious…

 Okay Got sidetracked lol but yes this song.. It popped in my head, I started humming it then I said Foodicalifragalistic.. Wait! Foodicalifragalistic. There’s food.. I’m from Cali.. And it’s a Disney song. I just combined 3 things about me.. This is perfect!!! 

So this is me. Foodicalifragalistic. A woman who’s motto is Food is fuel to the soul so join me on my spiritual food journey. 


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