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San Antonio Winery

Hello Friday!! It’s always great to see you. Are you guys ready for the weekend? I am. My plans include a lot of rest and finishing up Narcos Season 2. 

The weather is supposed to be nice so if you don’t want to be lazy like me, gather up some friends and go to a winery. No I don’t mean head out to Temecula or Santa Barbara. There are a few wineries that are local and less than an hour away. San Antonio Winery in Downtown LA is one of those places. Many people don’t even realize there’s a winery in downtown la. But there is. 

Not to far below Dodgers Stadium sits a hidden jewel filled with wine and food. San Antonio Winery is a nice place to go when you want to catch up with friends or just go to have a nice day. It’s located right where the 101N and 5 N interects. 

When you walk in, you enter the wine tasting room. There are various wines you can taste and the pricing is reasonable. They have a nice assortment of Stella Rose and I did buy two bottles after my tasting. Then to the right is sort of a souvenir room but you can also purchase nice wine glasses. I ended up purchasing a nice large glass which has become my Scandal watching glass. 

Then make your way to the back and there’s the restaurant. The cool part about the restaurant is that you are allowed to open any bottle you purchased at the winery and enjoy it with your meal. I didn’t open my bottles but I did enjoy a Caprese Salad with avocados. 

There is so much food offered at the San Antonio winery such as Salmon, burritos, chicken and much much more and all the plates are huge. It’s a nice time without driving far and you do feel like you’ve gotten away. 

So everyone enjoy the weekend and remember to eat good food.. Oh and enjoy some wine of course.. Because remember:

San Antonio also has a location in Ontairo off the 10E right before the 15 freeway.

*All opinions are my own* 


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