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Fried Ribs

I know your looking at the title like πŸ€”.. Yes I said Fried Ribs. So let’s talk about my discovery of this

Three years ago I attended my friends baby shower in Highland, CA. Yes I drove all the way out there. That’s how you know I consider her a true friend. Any who, Her husbands uncle from Texas flew out here and did the cooking for the shower. She pulled me and a few others to the side and said Hey guys guess what, we’re having fried ribs. We all looked at each other like what?!. We’ve never heard of fried ribs. That’s not possible right? Wrong! We learned that in Texas this is a real thing and her Uncle has his “secret” recipe to how he prepared his ribs. Well.. We was very excited about this because it sounded so good and it was!!! We devoured quite a few fried ribs that day. 

So here we are now, 3 years later still talking about fried ribs. After having some for the first time, we immediately started trying to find a place out here in So Cal and we could not find one…. Until now.. We found where you can get fried ribs in Southern California. 

Hawkins House of Burgers is known for their delicious burgers but they also make fried ribs. You do have to order in advance and the pick up can still take a while but it’s worth it. 

Now I will say.. Their ribs aren’t as good as the Uncle from Texas with the secret receipe BUT they are still worth standing in line for. I guess you can fry anything these days. I’m sure you can do these at home in a deep fryer but since I’m not a cook, I’ll gladly fork over money so Hawkins can prepare for me. I’ve never been to Hawkins House of Burgers but it’s definitely someplace I plan to try one day. 
Hawkins House of Burgers -11603 Slater St. Los Angeles 90059

*all opinions are my own* 


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