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The Hangover

I just came back from my second home Las Vegas, where I had a wonder weekend celebrating my cousins Dirty 30 birthday. Lots of fun and LOTS of drinking. So what usually happens after you have your YOLO moment.. A Hangover. And the older you get, the harder it is to recover from them. I’m learning that in my 30’s, it takes about 3 days to really recover from a night out on the town. Now everyone has their own remedies to cure their hangover. Mine is simple: A turkey burger and onion rings. This combo is the only thing I can tolerate and keep down after a night of drinking. So on Sunday, I had some time so spare before my departure from Las Vegas so I headed to the Cosmopolitan Hotel to eat at Holsteins.

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Holsteins is this great burger eatery where the burgers are made with fresh organic ingredients. No you’re not going to pay $5 for a burger combo but more like $20. I know it sounds pricey and it is BUT the food is so good and worth the price. I believe in spending money on good food.

While I was narrowing down my order, my waiter bought over complimentary popcorn to my table. How cute! The perfect snack to have when waiting on your meal to arrive. I preferred this than the usual complimentary bread basket that some restaurants give you.

To ease my alcohol ridden body, I ordered the California Turkey Burger with a side of onion rings. Their turkey burger comes with sprouts, tomato, avocado, cucumber slaw, pepperjack cheese and russian dressing. I got my burger with everything except the cucumber slaw. I’m not a cucumber person. And my burger was DELISH!! It’s a big burger so cutting it in half makes it more easier to consume and the Onion Rings are made to perfection.

Holsteins is also known for their milkshakes but this time around I didn’t order my chocolate shake. I must say that my favorite chocolate shake is from In and Out BUT Holstein’s rivals theirs. You can tell that the shake is freshly prepared and it’s just so good. After my meal, my body started to feel so much better. A good Turkey Burger and Onion Ring combo does it every time for me. So the next time you’re in Vegas and you need a recovery meal, I highly recommend Holsteins. I haven’t met one person yet who does not enjoy the food from this restaurant.

Tell me what is your go to hangover meal?


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