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Diegos Mexican Food

Happy Taco Tuesday everyone.  Even though it is Taco Tuesday, this post isn’t necessarily about tacos. Tacos are my fave but I do love Mexican food in general. If you’ve read my past posts, you know I’m a fan. No today’s post isn’t about tacos. It is about a Mexican restaurant that unless your a local, more than likely you have no clue it exist. 

So let’s talk about Diegos. Well let’s start at the beginning. I was heading down south to San Diego to visit my family. The 5 south had the worst traffic that day, so I decided to just get off the freeway at Oceanside and take Coast Hwy the rest of the way. After doing all that driving, I was hungry and decided to search for some food. I was in San Diego so naturally I was in need of a taco shop. My traffic app located Diegos at the closest place so I decided to try it.

At first glance I was like ummm lol. It’s not fancy, it’s not run down but it’s more like a I’m not sure if I should eat here or not type of place. Well, let me tell you that appearances are sediment let deceiving. I walk in and glance around. Nothing special. Just booths that line up wall all the way around but the bathrooms were clean and that’s always a bonus.

So I turned to the menu and decided to narrow down on what I wanted. Wasn’t in the mood for a taco.. Nor did I want some rolled tacos or an enchilada. Burrito! Yeah that’ll work. Then I saw they had a California burrito and decided to try it. Best decision I ever made. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to Diegos and ordered the California Burrito. 

For those who don’t know what that is: it’s a Carne Asada burrito with French fries. That’s it. And of course you can eat salsa and guacamole to it. Best. Burrito. Ever. My Aunt had the carne Asada plate from here and she enjoyed it. 

I can’t wait to head back down to San Diego for my favorite slight detour into Oceanside. Diegos is a must try if you’re ever down that way and they’re open 24 hrs 
Diegos Mexican Food- 1030 S. Coast Hwy Oceanside 92504


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