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Many food trucks that was roaming around Souther California have paused the truck and open storefronts. It makes me sad because there used to be a thrill of “chasing” a truck but I understand. Food trucks was the perfect platform to build a following and fullfill dreams of owning restaurants. 

Eggslut was a popular food truck that is now a popular food vendor inside the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA.

The  Grand Central Market is an indoor market where you can take your food palate on an expedition of tastes from various countries and enjoy a Farmers Market all in one location. Union Market and The Anaheim Packing in Orange Counry are replicas of this market. Located on Broadway and Hill, the Grand Central Market attracts people from all walks of life. It’s like a food playground to me and I can’t wait until to do a Funday Sunday just in there alone. 

The market didn’t used to be all the hype it is today. About 6 years ago, no one was trying to go to that area because of safety issues. But thanks to LA building up the Downtown La area, it’s one of the most busiest and popular food markets in the area. So placing Eggslut in this market in the middle of rebuilding Downtown LA was a smart idea.  

So just how popular is Eggslut? Well if you don’t want to stand in line for an hour, you need to get there no later than 8:30am (it opens at 8 with a crowd ready to get in line).  We got there today around 8:30 and this is the shortest I’ve ever seen this line (the counter is where the green sign up front is).

Is it that good or just hype? Everyone has their taste preference but yes it’s that good and your food is made fresh from the grill while employees wear thick latex black gloves while preparing your food. 

I usually come here for breakfast. I need to try other items but I always order the same thing. The sausage egg sandwich on a Brioche bun 

There’s also a version with bacon that’s also good 

And of course a nice glass of Oj( if your a fan) doesn’t hurt to add to your breakfast experience 

Eggslut also has a lunch menu that I need to try one day. Getting up early for breakfast to get here before the line gets crazy can be a struggle but your tummy will thank you in the end. 

If you plan to just grab something from Eggslut, parking in the structure is only $3 for the first 90 minutes. If you plan to stay and hang out, park in a pay lot for $5 or find a meter. Meters and Yellow loading zones are free on Sunday’s in downtown LA. Don’t be like me and forget to move your car, keep your fun day going and end up having to pay $15 for parking. 

So this weekend, visit Eggslut, grab a seat at the counter is you can or on the sidewalk and enjoy a nice meal to start your day off right. 

EggSlut is located at Grand Central Market, 317 S. Broadway Los Angeles, 90013 

*All opinions are my own* 


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