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Belmont Shores 

On the edge of Long Beach, right near the Orange County border, is one of my favorite areas, Belmont Shores. It’s not a well known area unless you live in or near Long Beach but that’s one of the things I love about it. It’s a hidden treasure. The highlight of the Belmont Shores area is 2nd street. 2nd street is full of great bars, restaurants and boutiques. I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite restarants in this area:

                    Open Sesame

When you open up the menu at Open Sesame there’s a quote that says ” In Lebandon, to eat is to feast” and I agree! Open Sesame is one of the best Mediterrean restaurants out there. They have a location in Los Angeles and will be opening up on Torrance at the Del Amo Mall. Their tabouleh is the best I’ve ever tasted. 

Open Sesame Combo: charbroiled skewers of kafta, chicken tawook and beef kabob served over basmati rice w/hummus 

Kafta combo with tabouleh, basmati rice and hummus 

Vegetarian Combo: Falafel, salad and hummus 



Some of the best pizza ever is on 2nd Street at Domenicos. They were voted best pizza in Long Beach for a reason. Other menu items such as their pastas and salads are also good. My favorite salad is the apple walnut salad but when it comes to Domenicos, it all about the pizza!!! I highly recommend their pepperoni and the  chicken  pizza. It’s so delicious.

                      Panama Joes

The Long Beach Sharkeez location. Always a great place to go for drinks and food. The Rise and Shine pancake platter for brunch is good and for the $4.99 price that includes an hour of mimosas.. You can’t beat that deal  

                       Tavern on 2

This gastropub is small but the food is excellent.They also have an unlimited mimosa brunch that I need to go back for. 

Short Rib Poutine:  braised short ribs, hand cut fries, duck fat and Wisconsin cheese curds. This was so good! I could eat this everyday and be happy. 

Black and Blue Burger: Maytah blue cheese, bacon, lettuce, and horseradish mayo served with a side of chips and a pickle 

                      Super Mex

Super Mex is an oldie but goodie Mexican restaurant. Your taste buds will thank you for treating them to something from Super Mex. 

             Veggie wet burrito 


                     Sweet Jills 

So after you eat all the delicious food, you have to indulge in a dessert. Sweet Jills is the perfect place to treat your sweet tooth. They have a large assortment of desserts but I’m going to spotlight what they’re popular for; 

                Cinnamon Roll 

   Cinnamon Roll with walnuts 

And my favorite, the Apple Pull Apart 

Doesn’t all this food look delicious!!! So I’ve probably overwhelmed you but don’t fret. There is a way that you can enjoy all this food plus other food in the area all at once. Every summer, Belmont Shores holds their annual Stroll and Savor food tasting event that gives you the opportunity to sample all the food along 2nd street. 

Each book holds 12 tickets for $10 and you can eat as much as you want.. As long as you buy enough books. This event is held two days each month from May to August. Being ziplock bags or Tupperware for leftovers. I love coming to this event just so I can enjoy the food and have food for lunch and dinner the next day. 

*all opinions are my own* 


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