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Far Bar

If your ever in downtown LA in the Little Tokyo area and want some good chicken wings, The Far will not let you down.

I feel like it’s a place that’s exclusive without being exclusive. Definitely someplace you’ll find it about from someone who lives in the area, or something who randomly found it while drunk in Lil Tokyo.. Which is how my friend found it and recommended to me. 

Regardless, I’m happy for the recommendation. It’s not a large place.. It’s a legit bar and a good place to watch sporting events. So me and one of my friends went there after brunch to continue our Sunday Funday and catch up. If you notice I tend to have to catch up with my friends a lot. Adulting. 

Anywho, so we go there decide to grab some food and drinks. We saw a couple near us order the wings and they smelled good so we ordered some too. 

Well.. Let’s just say we ordered a second round of wings because they were so good. Those were the best Asian style wings I’ve ever had. I wanted to hug the cook in the back. 

You can also take the Gold Line and walk over because parking is hard to find. And when your over there, don’t forget to stop at the store and get a lot of Japanese candy 😊

Far Bar- 347 E. 1st St. LA, C. 90012


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