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Hole Mole 

Happy Taco Tuesday!!! Hope everyone is enjoying some delicious tacos today. If your not why? Are you strapped for cash? Well I have a suggestion for you. When your tight on cash and want to enjoy some good food, go to Hole Mole on Taco Tuesday. 

Hole Mole is best known for their fish tacos which are hands down my favorite ever. They are very reasonable but their Taco Tuesday helps you enjoy good food without breaking the bank.

I get the same thing every time I go.. it’s either two Ensenada fish tacos and one potato taco (.59 cents each) or 4 potato tacos. They’re Ensenada tacos and potoato tacos are so so so so good. They are small street Taco style but filling.

                  Ensenada Taco 

                     Potato Taco

Hole Mole is also a great choice for catering. Thier party box has a great selection of tacos and sides for around only $100. A friend of mine purchased it for her sons birthday party and it was the perfect amount of food for her event. 

So if you have $5 to your name, Hole Mole will help you enjoy a great meal on your right budget with ease. 

Hole Mole has multiple locations in Long Beach and Orange County. Check them out at

*all opinions are my own* 


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