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Gdbro Burgers

This place is another food truck to storefront success story. I call their food “stoner food with a twist” lol and I mean this in a positive way. Gdbro Burgers provides the comfort food you want and need. My cousin and I are low key obsessed with this place. Of course we found them on Instagram and became infatuated with their menu. 

Gdbro has two locations in Southern California, one in Santa Ana and one in Signal Hill. I live close to the Signal Hill location but work close to the Santa Ana location.

              Signal Hill Location


There are 8 different sandwiches on the menu with sides. The menu is simple and not complication however they do kinda have a “secret” menu. If you follow any of their social media sites, you know what speciality items to order.  

Now the menu is the same for the most part BUT each location has a special item that is only at that location only. 

The Bojangles is only available at the Signal Hill location. A fried chicken sandwich with Cole slaw on their signature red brioche style bun 

The Smores Chocolate Shake is only available at their Santa Ana location 

At both locations you can get a Juan Only burger – japaleno cream cheese, pico de gallo, and avocado chipotle mayo

And you can jazz your French friend up with pizza toppings 

I really enjoy this place. It’s the perfect amount of food. Nothing to overwhelming and super heavy. I’m looking forward to coming back to try the Italian Herb Chicken Sandwich with truffle fries. 


*all opinions are my own* 


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