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Growing up there was one place we always went to for any family celebration. Sizzlers.

 It isn’t the fanciest of restaurants, but Sizzlers is still where my family gather to celebrate events. Their prices have gone up in recent years but it’s still a nice place to go for a decent meal. 

Of course they’re known for their Steak and Shrimp options but I’ve been getting the same thing there for years.. the Salad Bar! I love it. So many options to chose from. You can order an entree and add a salad bar for an extra fee but I usually just get the salad bar alone. 

Sizzler has done an upgrade to its locations and some locations offer more than the other. My favorite Sizzler location is known El Segundo near LAX. They have so many food options in their salad bar area. My favorite salad bar item is a salad, some chicken wings and their cheese and broccoli soup. 

And of course I’m saving the best Sizzler item for last. Sizzler is known best for their delicious Cheese Bread!!! 

So gather up the family this weekend and head down to your local Sizzlers to enjoy a nice family meal. 

*all opinions are my own* 


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