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Milk Bar

Every Fall,  Southern California goes through a heat wave from September- mid October maybe lasting until December. And it gets nasty hot like high 100s but I enjoy it. I think anything under 75 degrees is unacceptable living conditions.

 So what’s the best way to beat the heat?? Some cool of course. Whether it’s water, ice cream or maybe a smoothie, nothing is more satisfying than something cool on a hot day. If your ever in Fountain Valley, head on over to the Milk Bar to cool down. 

The Milk Bar offers different types of ice cream that you can get in a cup or in a ice sandwich style which they are known for. They have a few cookies you can chose from to make your own ice cream sandwich creation. 

They also have a nice list of smoothies you can get as another option. Since I’m trying to watch my weight, sadly I said no to an ice cream sandwich and decided to get a smoothie instead. I picked the Mango no Loco smoothie that’s topped with fresh mango chunks. Every… freaking.. thing!!! Seriously.. it was everything.. it ended up being my dinner for the day because I was happily stuffed afterwards. It took a while to make because it is literally fresh mango with almond milk and.. yes yes yes. 

I will be coming back for this smoothie and there’s a few others I want to try. I’ll also be back for a cheat day to get an ice cream sandwich. So stop by and get something to cool you off. Also, make sure you check out the art work on their walls. Very cool. 

The Milk Bar is located at 16051 Brookhurst Blvd #d in Fountain Valley, CA. 

*all opinions are my own* 


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