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One thing about Italian food.. well two.. 1) it’s delicious 2) and very filling. You need to literally starve yourself if you have plans to dine at an Italian restaurant. Italian style dining usually is served “family style” meaning the platters are large with with purposes of sharing. 

One of my favorite Italian restaurants to dine at is Maggianos. 

The food is good. Superb. And their happy hour is great. I received an email letting me know that their buy one pasta get the other free deal was back, so I decided to dine here for dinner and make use of my Chilli’s gift card. Chilli’s, Macaroni Grill and Maggianos are all owned by the same people so you can use your gift card here. 

I really like the ambience of Maggianos. It’s dim lighting and very relaxing. The perfect atmosphere after a long work day or week. 

I decided to just dine in the bar area versus waiting for main seating and plus since I was dining alone, it made more sense. As soon as I sat down, I was greeted with complimentary bread. 

The bar area is also a nice chill space to enjoy a appetizer and/or a cocktail or two. I love their Tomato Caprese stack with a delicious  Lemon Drops. Another cocktail I recommend is their Peach Bellini 

And their Pomegrante Martini 

For dinner, I ordered my usual, the Baked Eggplant Parmesan that comes with Spaghetti Pomodoroand decided to take home the Angel Hair Pesto Primavera.

The food was good as usual but I decided to just accept that I am NOT a fan of spaghetti. I’ve tried hard to like it for years now and I realize, I just don’t. I think it’s the sauce factor. 

To be honest, I only ate the veggies in the Angel Hair Primavera. Yes, I wasted food and felt very bad for it. But that’s my fault for trying to eat something I know I wasn’t really interested in. I did eat the Eggplant Parm but just the Eggplant portion.. tossed out the spaghetti pomodoro that came with it. 

When it comes to Italian food, I like stuffed ravioli or if it’s a noodle dish, I like my noodle dish simple with pesto or garlic and olive oil. That’s it. So I apologize to you Maggianos for wasting your delicious food. Please do not look down on me for that. 

But overall, Maggianos is a great, great restaurant to go too . I really do enjoy it. 

*all options are my own* 


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