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Crockpottin in the USA

So it’s Fall now.. well I guess it depends where in the world your at. It’s Fall in So Cal but our temps have been in the high 90s and 100s. This week has been slight cooler but the temps are expected to rise again. 

When you think Fall, you think cool crisp under 70 degree weather (yuck), red and brown leaves (I think I saw two today) and warm delicious food to fill you up. Now, I’ve said this before but I’m not a cook. I don’t enjoy cooking. Okay I hate to cook. I don’t have the patience for it. I’m a foodie who hates to cook. Sue me. Judge me. 

BUT unfortunately my income doesn’t allow me to just be able to eat out at restaurants every night (my dream life), so sometimes I force myself to make a home cooked meal when I have time. I’m a commuter. This means Monday- Thursday I’m stuck in the city I work in until late in the evening when traffic finally dies down and I can drive home. So the reality of me eating a home cooked meal isn’t there. BUT when I have time, I do managed to put something together. 

Okay so enough rambling and let me get to the point of this post. Well let’s start with the backstory first. Sooo one of my ex coworkers happen to be browsing this book at work one day.  I got a glance of it and we started to discuss crockpotting. I started going through the book and saw a lot of recipes that sound delicious. I may not cook but I don’t mind throwing something in a crockpot. So that evening, I went home and ordered this  book from Amazon and it’s been a life saver. I can make meals that’ll last me two or three days. Here are a few recipes I’ve tried and that actually came out delicious:

Fresh Lime and Black Bean Soup.. I garnished it with fresh avocados.. that wasn’t apart of the recipe but it was great 

              Chicken Chilli Verde

And my favorite, My Mothers Sausage and Vegetable Soup. 

This soup is SUPER filling but good. Lesson learned: I had to make a modified version of this after I struggled so hard to stay awake at work. I made the mistake of eating this soup for lunch and the ITIS kicked in super hard. This soup contains cream of mushroom, bell peppers, kielbasa turkey sausage, black beans and potatoes. My modified version is sans the potatos and prevents the sleepiness from taking over. 

So once our weather cools down a little, I’m more than likely going to make these again plus a few that I haven’t tried. What’s your favorite crockpot meal? 
*all opinions are my own* 


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