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Disneys California Adventure

Like most people who work or live in Orange County, I’m a Disneyland AP. It’s kind of something you have to do out here in the Orange Curtain. Ap’s enjoy Disneyland differently than someone who’s not an AP. We go randomly for like lunch or maybe dinner then leave. We might just go up there to watch a show, grab a bite then leave. Or we might just go up there to walk around and take in the sites. 

As a woman who’s childless, I enjoy California Adventure more than Disneyland. Why? Well I can enjoy a cocktail or two or three while in the park. I love Disneyland but I love sipping on a Cocktail while wearing Mickey or Mickey ears while watching a parade or water show even better. 

Here are some of the food items I’ve enjoyed at Disneys California Adventure. 

                  The Cove Bar

This little piece of heaven is located along the water where you can enjoy appetizer type meals with delicious cocktails. The Cove Bar is known for their Lobster Nachos that I can’t eat since I’m allergic.

But I found out that I can get them without Lobster so that’s the plan next time I go. They make some strong and delicious Mai Tais that I’m a fan of and many other delicious cocktails. 

They also have a delicious spinach dip that I always get. 

              Gigantic Turkey Leg

I absolutely love these. You can get them in both parks but the lines for these are always shorter over at California Adventure. They are so so good and so so juicy. They recently underwent a price increase I wasn’t happy about but I still bought one anyways. 
Clarabelles hand scooped ice cream parlour

There are many places to get a delicious dessert but I do enjoy Clarabelles which is located right near the entrance of the park. You can get speciality sundaes, regular scoops, and speciality ice cream cream bars. 

One cute dessert is the Oswald Sundae that comes with a souvenir bowl. 

And their dipped ice cream bars. Since it’s Halloween time, they decorate them with cute Disney Halloween sprinkles 

                    Carthy Circle 

Recently,  I finally went to Carthy Circle. I didn’t go for dinner but I went to try their seasonal cocktail, The Poison Apple Martini which was super delicious. I will have to come back here for dinner soon. 

                  Mickey Pretzel

You can get these in both parks but these will always be a Disney experience favorite. There’s theee types of Disney Pretzels you can get: plain, cream cheese and jalapeño. My favorite is the cream cheese filled pretzel. So good. 

These are just a small few examples of the good food and drinks California Adventure has to offer. You can get beer, margaritas and the winery is a favorite of mine. There’s also so much more food I need to experience and I can’t wait. The Disney experience is a fun yet expensive experience but worth every penny. Can’t wait for the Food and Wine Festival. 

*all opinions are my own* 


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