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Union Market Tustin week 

I’m a commuter. Meaning Monday- Friday, I have no social life because of traffic. It takes me an 1 1/2- 2 hours to get home from work. Sitting in all that traffic started to affect my health so I stopped. After work I don’t go straight home. I’ll workout, maybe go to a library to read, sometimes I hang out at work in the employee lounge, maybe go to Disneyland or go out to dinner. I just can’t sit in that traffic anymore. I get off at 5 and I’m stuck in Irvine until 7:30pm. 

Luckily my job is near a small shopping plaza called The District that has plenty for me to do to wait or traffic. Recently, the District added a food market called the Union Market. 

The Union Market is a more upscale hipster version of the Grand Central Market in Downtown LA. I really like it here. There’s some cute boutiques here but it’s the food that’s making this place a must go to in South Orange County. This weeks blog will be dedicated to the Union Market and all the good food available here. I’ve been fortunate to eat at almost every place in here (and drain my wallet). 

When you walk in there’s just a chill cool vibe that surrounds it. It’s spacey and has some cool art work on the walls.

There’s also a recording studio inside which is really cool 

And some of the food places offer samples which I appreciated. Nice to get a taste of the local flare to see how I feel about it. 

Oh and did I mention the bar? Yes there is a bar right in the center where you can relax after work and enjoy a nice cocktail. 

Okay so now the food. There are quite a few food places here that I highly recommend trying out. I’m going to start with dessert. When you have cookies you must have milk right? Well what about a cookie filled with milk of your choice? Sounds unreal but it’s so real. The Dirty Cookie makes cookie shots! 

Chose a cookie and have it filled with your choice of milk. It’s so good. I got a chocolate chip cookie filled with almond milk. 

You can also get a special cartoon character added to your cookie. It’s cute but I didn’t want to pay extra. 

Not in the mood for cookies? You can also try Churned Creamery for some delicious ice cream. 

I wasn’t going to get anything until I saw that they have Blood Orange ice cream. And. It. Was. Everything! 

Or maybe your in the mood for pies or cake. The Belgae Gourmet has some delicious treats to enjoy. 
These are just some of the few delicious places in the Union Market. Stay tuned for the rest of the week while I introduce you to a few other restaurants here that are a must try. 


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