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The Hatch

In the crevice of the Union Market is The Hatch. And I’m serious about it being in the crevice of this building. You can easily walk pass it and that’s a shame. This place needs to be front and center but that’s just my opinion. The Hatch is my favorite restaurant inside The Union Market. 

The Hatch is an Pacific Islander themed restaurant that specializes in sliders. 

It’s not a large venue but it’s very cozy. The menu is simple, chose 2 sliders of your choice with a side. Yes you are allowed to mix and match! Great right! Well I found that exciting. 

I ordered one salmon slider and a portobello mushroom sliders with a Ceasar salad. 

The word delicious doesn’t even begin to describe this.

My Salmon slider was so so so so dang good. The Salmon literally melted in my mouth. 

And the Portobello Slider was just everything and more. Just typing this is making me crave this meal all over again. 

I would love to come back here with some friends. The waitress recommended the fried bread pudding for dessert but I’m gonna indulge in that next time along with an alcoholic beverage. Yes you can get a cocktail here and watch some games. And who doesn’t like that combo?

*all opinions are my own* 


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