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Market 2 Plate

I love salad. I know it’s hard to believe because of my posts but I seriously love salad. I do like pasta but I’m very particular about the type of pasta I consume. It’s either ravioli or angel hair. Well at Market 2 Plate also inside the Union Market, I get the pleasure of indulging in both. 

Now what I absolutely love about this place is that everything is made from scratch: all the pastas, the pasta sauce and even the salad dressing. 

I ordered the Pillow Stuffed Ravioli with pesto and it was everything!!! 

Stuffed with yummy Ricotta and topped with Parmesan. Heaven! 

I also fell in love with their Caesar Salad. The homemade Caesar dressing is beyond delicious and the salad comes with a piece of focaccia bread.  

They also have some yummy lemonades that you can sample. The Mint Lemonade is delicious. 

I hope this weeks post has made you hungry for the Union Market. It’s such a nice place to go after work or on the weekend to have a nice meal. 

*all opinions are my own* 


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