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Brunch At The Races

I attended LA Weekly annual Brunch At The Races held at Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia. 

This event is a must if you’ve never been. Ladies, grab your hat or fastenator, Men grab your hat and vest and come eat your entire life away. No really you will eat your entire life away. I was full for two days after this event no lie. There was so much good food and unfortunately, my body wouldn’t let me eat all of it. But I definitely got my fill. 

Brunch at the Races had about 33 vendors and even alcohol vendors and you can go back to a vendor as much as you want. Me and my friend stuffed ourself silly. It was that nasty I can barely breathe type of stuffing. But no regrets. We plan to attend this event again next year. 

As I mentioned there were so many vendors and we didn’t eat at all of them. But we defiebtely enjoyed the ones we got to experience before our stomachs side no more!

                      Red Bread 

This was the first booth we tried. I’m not really a fan of sourdough bread BUT the jam spread of this bread was just amazing. 

                  Open Sesame

I said I was only going to try the restaurants I’ve never been too BUT I just couldn’t resist Open Sesame. I love this restaurant so much it’s pathetic. Their sample plate consisted of Chicken Tawook, garlic sauce, pickled tomatoes, pita and hummus. I wish they offered their tabouli at this event. Best Tabouli ever! 

                      Pez Cantina

I’ve never heard of this place and the food was so good. We had breakfast tostadas with a dirty Horchata. That Horchata was so dang good. We went back like 4 times just for it.  


This booth offered some delicious Acai bowls. Each one had a different mix and they were all good. 

                  Makers Mark

I am a woman that enjoys dark liquor so I was excited to see that Makers Mark was on site. They offered you a shot or Makers on the rocks. It was almost 100 degrees that day, so I got a Makers on the rocks. Plus, you got a neat little souvenir cup if you got it on the rocks. 

                     L.A. Chapter

L.A. Chapter is located on the first floor of the Ace Hotel in Downtown L.A. I’ve eaten here before with friends and it’s okay. They did have some delicious mini pancakes to sample at their booth. 

                      The Brix

This is also a Downtown L.A. eatery that I must indulge in one day. I had a delicious barbacoa breakfast taco with avocado from them. It was just perfect. 

                       The Guild

I didn’t get to much information about this place BUT the braised short rib they were serving melted in your mouth. It was cooked so perfect. 

                   Preux and Proper

I’ve heard of this place and I was excited to finally get a feel for this restaurant. Another popular Downtown L.A. eatry, this New Oreleans themed restaurant is know for their delicious yet filling meals. They were offering shrimp and grits today and I was excited because I’ve never had this dish before. 

It was delicious but I can’t see myself eating this often. Grits are already filling and mixing in some type of protein will have you full pretty much all day. I ate a small portion but it was definitely delicious. I didn’t eat all of it because I was already halfway full and there were more places I wanted to try out. 

There were a few more vendors we tried out like Little Dom’s, Bai bubbles, Hennessy, Jones Coffee Roasters, Hyperion, and so much more. This event was for the true hardcore foodies and wonderful. And after the event, you can walk over to the track and enjoy a few rounds of horseracing.

So me and my friend had a great time but we over did it lol. But no regrets. Definitely  a great day. 


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