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The Pie Bar

Don’t you ever just want dessert for dinner? Why are you supposed to save dessert for last? Well.. sometimes all a girl needs to get thru the day is a nice slice of pie. Enter The Pie Bar in downtown Long Beach. This eatry is new to the Long Beach area and a welcome sight. 

They have a great menu of all sorts of different pies that excel beyond the traditional blueberry, Apple or Peach. You can either get a whole pie, a slice of pie, a shot of pie or pie in a jar and you get to keep the jar. They even have a offer where if you return 8 jars, you’ll receive a free slice of pie in return. 

Their menu also offers pot pies and ice cream. Me and my friend had a hard time deciding because everything sounded good. 

The two flavors that caught my eye were the Mexican chocolate and Bourbon Pecan. Then the girl behind the counter informed me that they also serve Mexican hot chocolate and I melted inside. I. Love. Mexican. Hot. Chocolate! 

Anywho, so after a few minutes my friend and I made our decision which turned out to be great decisions. She decided to get a slice of Pumpkin Mousse Pie which was yummy.

And I went with the Bourbon Pecan pie in a jar. It was Delicous!! Yes Delicious with a capital D. I finished the rest the next day and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to it. 

I will definitely be coming back here as soon as the weather becomes cooler. I plan to get a Chicken Pot Pie, Mexican Chocolate Pie and some Key Lime Pie.

So always remember that when your having a bad day and need some cheering up…… 

The Pie Bar is located at 450 Pine Ave Long Beach, CA. 90802
*all opinions are my own* 


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