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National Sandwich Day 2016

Did you go out and enjoy National Sandwich day yesterday? I did! I received so many ads from various food places advertising their sandwich specials but to me the best place to cash in on a sandwich special was The Corner Bakery. They offered buy one, get one free! I love the Corner Bakery but they are a tad bit expensive so I jumped on this deal immediately after work. I ordered a Turkey Avocado and Tomato Mozerrella sandwich. 

This was lunch and dinner for $9!! Great deal. 

But their are other places that I enjoy getting sandwiches from. Of course Chickafila should’ve been on your list yesterday. Their Chicken Sandwich with waffle fries is always a fan favorite.

When I’m in a rush in the morning and don’t have time to make breakfast, I’ll stop by Starbucks and grab a Low fat turkey bacon sandwich. 

Taking a break from meat? Head over to the Veggie Grill for a delicious Grillin Chickin sandwich which is made from soy, wheat and peas and is very tasty. 

Love paninis? Head to downtown Long Beach along Retro Row and enjoy a yummy freshly made Turkey panini from Portfolio’s Coffeehouse. 

Doesn’t all this just look good? Well it was. A sandwich is a simple dish but when it’s made right, it’s life! It’s lunch time so I’m going to enjoy my Tomato Mozerrella sandwich from The Corner Bakery. Have a great weekend! 


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