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Gen Korean BBQ House

My family doesn’t have an extensive palate like I do. When we do family dinner outings for birthdays we go to the same restaurants: Sizzlers or Hometown Buffet. It’s nothing wrong with these places but for someone like me, this gets old. So to celebrate one of my cousins birthdays, I convinced my family to try Gens Korean BBQ House.

I love Korean BBQ. I mainly love it because I can cook my food at the table the way I want it to be cooked. I thought this would be a great experience with the family and we bond over preparing food. I definitely took my family out their comfort zone. I doubt they do this ever again but at least I tried. I’m just content that I got my family to explain their restaurant experience. 

So Gen. Great restaurant and great atmosphere. The way it works is that you pay a flat fee ($15.99 for lunch, $20.99 for dinner) and can order as much protein as you want from the dinner menu. Think Fogo de Chao (if you’ve ever been there) but they bring out your choice of meat and you cook it. You get sides of rice and salad that also come with the meal and your drinks are additional. 

Gens is pretty much carnivore heaven but you can also get seafood if your a pescatarian. I even convinced my cousin to try calamari for the first time. My phone died so I couldn’t capture that memory but I was proud of him. 

I highly recommended their brisket but unfortunately it was in high demand last night so we never got it. But if you ever go to Gens, try their brisket. It’s so good. So instead I started off with the premium steak and Hawaiian steak 

Then we added some bone in short ribs to the grill 

Then added some flank steak with great onions and chicken bougochi 

Then tried the boneless short ribs. I recommend going with the bone in short ribs. The boneless has way to much fat and barely any meat.

There was also shrimp, garlic chicken, and calamari. My phone died so I wasnt able to capture all the food we had. And if it’s your birthday, they give you a plate of pineapple to grill which is so delicious. 

So everyone left full and overwhelmed lol. Like I said, for them it was a different dining experience and I’m happy that I got my family to get out their dining comfort zone. 

*this post is based off my personal opinion* 


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