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Cafe Rio

So I’m a huge Chipotle fan. Love it. Yeah I did turn my back on them during that E. Coli crisis but I was still a Chipotle fan. But now I’m not that big of a fan and it’s not because of that food crisis. I was introduced to something better than Chipotle. Cafe Rio. Same concept but the food taste better and it seems to be more fresher. I was introduced to Cafe Rio by a coworker. She kept raving about their grilled chicken tostada and enchiladas so I decided to try it. There is a location near my job that used to be my favorite Mexican spot, Jalapeños. 

Now as I mentioned before, Cafe Rio has the same concept of Chipotle. But the differences is in the food choices and Cafe Rio prepares their tortillas form scratch. 

I enjoy their salads a lot. You can choose between the Creamy Tomatillo or Cilantro Lime dressing. Both are very good. And it’s easy to eat clean here. I had a black bean salad without the tortilla shell. 

Their tostadas are also delicious. I ordered a grilled chicken tostada and added a side of guacamole. 

And on Tuesdays, tacos are $1.39 each. I ordered two black bean tacos with Creamy Tomatillo dressing and they were so good. 

And if you download their app,  you can earn points that can be used towards a free prize. Overall, I love this place. Oh and did I mention that they also have Tamales!  I’ve sadly turned my back on Chipotle for this place because it’s just so good. I still go to Chipotle but only if there isn’t a Cafe Rio nearby. One taste won me over that quick. 

*all opinions are my own* 


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