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Thanksgiving at the Golden Corral 

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. And I hope you had some great food. This year, me and my Mom decided to dine out for Thanksgiving and it was one of the best decisions. No hassle, no headaches that usually come with getting ready for a Thanksgiving family event. We decided to try The Golden Corral for Thanksgiving lunch.
The Golden Corral is a recent new edition to the inner Southern California area. The only one for a long time that was out here was in Victorville, CA and that’s 3 hours from LA county. Now, the Golden Corral is making its way inland.  

Their Thanksgiving buffet was amazing. So many options that strayed from the traditional Thanksgiving fare to non traditional. As you can see I went non traditional. I had Steak and shrimp for my Thanksgiving lunch. 

Plate #2- I had a salad, corn cake, zucchini and a nice buttered roll. I also had some delicious fried okra (not pictured) which was amazing. 

There was  also a large assortment of desserts, so I went with small sample sizes of cheesecake, bread pudding and peach cobbler. 

Me and my Mom truly enjoyed dining out for Thanksgiving and decided to do it this way from now on. A homemade meal for Thanksgiving is always nice but sometimes it’s great to break tradition. Thank you Golden Corral for a great meal. 

*all opinions are my own* 


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