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The Simple Things 

It’s so easy to get lost in all these new fangled fancy food concoctions. Artesinal crust, gluten free, low fat, no soy, organic, etc etc. I’m an 80s baby. Born in 1981. I grew up on McDonalds, Burger King, eating Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops for breakfast. Eating a greasy slice of pizza from the mall or enjoying some chicken fingers at the amusement park is what I did.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy all the food we have these days but sometimes, I just need something simple to get me through the day. And let’s be real.. being a true foodie isn’t cheap. 

In my perfect world, I would dine out every night at various places enjoying all the food spendlor that exist. But in reality, I can’t do that. And that’s where the simple things come into play.

 Popcorn and a Coca-Cola

One day at work, we had an event and the snacks was a bag of popcorn and glass of Coca-Cola. I cut out large soda intake from my diet but I do enjoy the caffeine every now and then. A simple bag of popcorn with some Coca-Cola is the perfect combination. There’s nothing fancy or unique about this and it will forever be delicious 


Everyone has turned their backs on this place but I still frequent there. McDonalds breakfast will forever be great but my favorite item is their French fries. I love their French fries! I could eat them everyday but I don’t. I treat myself to some every now and then and they are always a delight to have. 

PB & J

Yes, that’s right. I’m 35 years old and I still enjoy a good ole peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

Fruit and Cheese plate

I’ve eaten this for dinner plenty of times. It’s simple but can be very filling and of course pairing it with the right wine makes it even enjoyable.

Soft boiled egg, crackers and cheese

This protein snack is my go to when that 2pm slump happens and I’m struggling to make it through the day. Most people grab a sugary snack to keep them alert which is the worst thing to do. This keeps me energize without creating a crash from happening. 

Chilli  Cheese Dog

I love love LOVE a good chilli cheese dog and homemade ones are always the best. 

The last simple meal I’m going to discuss are instant noodles. I know I was supposed to leave these behind in my college days but they still come in handy during that I’ve paid all my bills now I just need to make it until next day stretch lol. Yes the sodium in these are extremely high but again.. they come in handy everyone and then. And you can use a top ramen packet to make a great noodle meal and not even use the high sodium seasoning packet. 

So these are a few of my simplest things that I still enjoy in the new world of creative cuisine. What are some of your favorite simple things that you still enjoying eating? 


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