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Champagne Bakery

I was first introduced to Champagne Bakery about 8 years ago at their Del Mar location. My cousin took me there for lunch and I had a chicken pesto sandwich that I became addicted to. So from then on every time I went down to San Diego, I made sure I stopped by Champagnes before heading home. 4 1/2 years ago, I took a job out in Irvine and discovered that there was not just one but 4 Champagne locations in Orange County. 

I would say I overdosed on a meal from here but no.. my income won’t allow that lol. Champagne is my treat yourself today bistro when I have a little flexibility in my bank account. No matter which location you go to, Champagne is a cute French style bistro where you can enjoy a delicious Mocha (white chocolate mocha is my fave) with a d licious meal whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

 I started trying other dishes and their breakfast items have become my new fave. I’ll get their breakfast and sometimes even have it for lunch or leftovers for the next day. It can be filling. 

The Brioche French Toast

Bacon, Egg, Crossiant sandwich w/ red roasted potatoes 

And if you have room for dessert or just take one home, it’s worth it. Champagne has a great dessert selection and it’s always hard for me to chose just one pastry to leave with.

*all opinions are my own* 


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