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Portfolio Coffeehouse 

Okay so this year I finally decided to accept who I am and let everyone know it. I’m coming out and letting everyone know… that I’m a Hipster! And the one thing we hipsters love most is an low, key chill vegan Coffeehouse with Wifi. 

Portfolio Coffeehouse is located along Retro Row in Downtown Long Beach and is a popular spot with the locals. I exercise in this area often and I love coming here to enjoy a semi-healthy breakfast or lunch. I also like to come here to enjoy a nice mocha and write material for this blog. 

The atmosphere inside is perfect for bloggers. In the front of the cafe, is communal style seating but towards the back is more of an intimate library look that I adore. This is where I usually like to sit when there’s seating available.

If I’m here early for breakfast, I like to get the Vegan Croissant with a Almond Mocha. Did I mention there’s Avocado on this sandwich 😋.

If I’m here for lunch, I like the oven-roasted turkey sandwich and a side salad with a Columbia Gorge organic Lemonade. 

So if your in the area, bring your laptop or a nice book, order some food, enjoy a yummy vegan friendly dessert or a nice mocha and enjoy. You can also check out their other location in Long Beach in the East Arts District called Berlin Bistro. 
Portfolio Coffeehouse is located at 2300 4th (at Junipero) Long Beach, CA. 90814
* all opinions are my own* 


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